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How To Be French 101

Contributor blog post by Girl Gone Gallic:

The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Becoming More French Dreaming of that natural sophisticated class that the French exude? Always wanted to know how to be French? Wanting that certain “Je ne sais quoi”? Look no further, it’s GGG to the rescue!Let’s deep dive into what you need to dress, sound and act like a real Frenchie…

…Continue reading here to learn about French expressions, how to dress with French-style, slang words. Follow GGG’s Frenchie Pinterest boards and check out her top 50 French songs playlist on itunes.

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Girl Gone Gallic

Girl Gone Gallic

American? French?

Our Girl Gone Gallic says "It’s always been a difficult question." Born in the US of French parents, and living in France in her earliest years has left her permanently been torn between the two countries. For now, she splits her time between the Pacific Northwest and Southern France. Evelyn says "If only I could meld the two countries together I would save a ton of money on airfare!"

A new dawn, and with it, new adventures… With this uniquely intimate view of both cultures, Girl Gone Gallic records the tales of her travels throughout France while working and traveling. She loves exploring the differences between cultures and everyday life. What better reward then to share these experiences with family, friends, and fellow travelers? So join Girl Gone Gallic whether through her blog or as part of her small experiential beginner immersion tours to France, a little company is always welcome!

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