Provençal Red Wine Pairing Domaine Pey Blanc Instinct Porcini-Rubbed Steak
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Provençal Red Wine Pairing with Porcini-Rubbed Steak

Contributor blog post by Susan Manfull: Sometimes you want it rough. You’re not in the mood for refined and elegant, or complex and silky. You might be serving a mixed grill or even just a simple steak. You want a good, solid, edgy wine. That was the case for this month’s …

Drink Provence Rosé Wine
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Why You Should Drink Only Provencal Rose Wines This Summer

Oh, the rosé wine! The delectable wine with a refined and light taste! The perfect one to swirl in with your tongue along with robust food! Whether you plan on having it alone or with food, you will fall in love with the taste. Once you come out of the …

Le P'tit Resto Vaugines Luberon Provence
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Le P’tit Resto Exploring the Menu and Great Wine List in Vaugines

Contributor blog post by Susan Manfull: Long before I was able to score a table at Le P’tit Resto, a small restaurant, rather unassuming in appearance and tucked into the tiny Place de la Marie in the charming village of Vaugines, I had heard about its stellar wine list. How often does …

Domaine Pey Blanc Coteaux d'Aix-en-Provence
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Domaine Pey Blanc Vigneron Gabriel Giusiano the 3rd Generation

Contributor blog post by Susan Manfull: When you work in a vineyard, you are intimately involved with nature. All year long, you tend to the vines—prepping soil, pruning vines, monitoring temps, worrying, trimming canopies, thinning the crop, waiting, watching, waiting—and then you finally harvest the grapes.  If you send your …

Wines of Provence Rhone Valley
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Wines of Provence Understanding the Colours and Terminology

“The Allure of Provence and its Wines” was previously published in Culinaire Magazine (June 2016). This updated article includes additional reading, travel tips, and details on wine colour production and terminology. Mention Provence to a friend and they likely have a mental image that involves cobalt skies, cicadas and lavender …

Provence Rosé Research Centre
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The Provence Rosé Research Center Helps the Global Wine Industry

Contributor blog post by Jill Barth: Provençal rosé—and rosé in general—has been riding a popularity wave in recent years. While there are instances of trendy lifestyle marketing involved, many rosés are wines of quality, made by winemakers of skill and terroir of distinction. Behind them lies a secret weapon, hidden in an unassuming coral-colored building with green shutters: The …

Château Barbebelle Winemaking Director Madeline Herbeau
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Château Barbebelle Winemaking is Now Guided by the 4th Generation

Contributor blog post by Susan Manfull: “My father gave me something very, very good,” Madeleine Herbeau, Director of Château Barbebelle told me recently. “The Château was already very successful with good quality and good production, and we sold all the production. I want to preserve that,” Herbeau said emphatically.“The Château was …

International Rosé Day Provence WineZine
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International Rosé Day Thank Goodness It’s Friday June 22nd

Contributor blog post by Pamela O’Neill @Provence WineZine: I found myself in St. Tropez this week at the elegant Château de la Messardière, a five-star hotel overlooking the bay of Pampelonne.  There, I attended an official press conference on the inauguration of International Rosé Day, the brainchild of the Organisation Internationale du …

Domaine Henri Milan
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Sipping in St Remy Sampling Orange Wine by Domaine Henri Milan

Contributor Blog Post by Ashley Tinker: Natural Wine Trend If you’re not currently living in London, New York, Paris or Japan you may not have heard of orange wine or even biodynamic wine for that matter. We were first introduced to this type of wine five (5) years ago, while living …

Château Miraval Muse Rosé Marc Perrin Chateau de Beaucastel
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Château Miraval Muse a New Organic Rosé this Summer

Contributor blog post by Susan Manfull: Marc Perrin of Château de Beaucastel fame dropped by The Pierre Hotel in Manhattan’s Upper East Side this past week for a chat with a small group of wine writers. The rendezvous was part of a new partnership between the iconic hotel and the …