Mystery Novels set in Provence

Provence may not spring to mind as a setting for a mystery, but these authors think so. If you enjoy a who done it, then this collection of murders, thefts, drug busts and generally bad actors is for you. Settings are Provencal vineyards, art galleries and even on the chic the French Riviera. Enjoy diving into the pages of these novels and attempting to solve the mysteries.

Death on the Riviera by John Bude (pen name) writes lyrically about the Riviera: in Cap Martin, the blue waters of the Mediterranean. At first, the romantic magic of the Mediterranean leaves the stodgy Scotland Yard Inspector unmoved. But gradually, he falls under the spell of the place. With part of the mystery solved, Meredith realizes he will have to return home, shuddering to wet England. In her review Mary-Jane Deeb writes, it is not easy either to leave this book and return to real life, away from the beauty real and imagined of this magical part of the world.

Mary-Jane Deeb is a published mystery writer and avid reader. Her first novel, published in 2004, was set in Provence: Murder on the Riviera, Her protagonists, are amateur detectives: a French Grand-mere of the old school, who lives in Grasse in an old country house (a mas), and her half-American, and very modern grand-daughter Chrissy (Marie-Christine de Medici).

A Christmas Mystery in Provence was inspired by a family holiday to the town most famous for its perfume production. The Provençal Christmas traditions midnight mass to the thirteen desserts provided Mary-Jane all the material she needed for this mystery.

Death of a Harlequin, which is set in Nice and Grasse in the spring, includes many of the traditions of the Mardi Gras carnival in Nice, with its huge flower-decked floats all designed according to a particular theme which is different each year.

Writing a book is hard enough, but writing one with your spouse, apparently, that is a recipe for success. Death in Provence is Serena Kent’s first novel and your introduction to her main character Penelope Kite. The nom-de-plume is perfect for a couple who split time between Provence’s Luberon and Kent in England.

The second book in this series, Death in Avignon, was published in June 2019. Another page-turner for murder-mystery lovers. Penelope Kite is back with many of the same characters, but this time the scene of the crime has changed.

Set in the early 1950s, post-WWII Provence looked nothing like it does today. This setting is the backdrop for Mary Stewart’s Madam, Will You Talk?  a novel published in 1955.  Deborah Lawrenson describes this book as the perfect escapism for the armchair traveller. “I love Mary Stewart’s romantic suspense novels: their sense of adventure and intriguing storylines, their strong-willed heroines, and, most of all, their transporting settings.”