After reading about Provence’s villages and towns, food, culture and lifestyle, you are dreaming about owning a property in the heart of Provence or along the Côte d’Azur. You have fallen in love with Provence, and now you want to buy a home. Before you do, read about the French property sales market and many things you should realise before you buy. Understand the real estate terminology in France. Discover why a buyer’s agent might be someone you want on your team when you make a property investment in the region.

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Important points to consider when buying real estate in Provence

Before actually embarking on the adventure of buying a home abroad, you’ll inevitably have many questions. Some of the questions we get asked by readers are:

  • Are there any restrictions on buying in France for non-EU citizens?
  • Can I afford a sea view with my budget?
  • I would like a typical Provençal village with year-round activity. Which is the best one?
  • Where do I find the central database or listing portal for all properties for sale?
  • What is the market looking like on the Côte d’Azur? Are prices going up?
  • Where do I find the prices of properties that have been sold?
  • What am I doing wrong? Agents I’ve contacted don’t answer my emails or phone calls.
  • Can I hire my own search agent in Provence? If so, how does that work?
  • Why is one area so much more expensive than another one that appears to be very similar?
  • Is the buying process in France complicated? How long does it normally take?
  • What are the full costs of buying in France?

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Provence Search’s property consultant and buyer’s agent Sophia Mose can answer these questions and any others you might have. For a no-obligation consultation, simply provide your details below and Sophia will get in touch right away.

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