Tastes of Provence Fall Menu 2023
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Make this Fall Menu with Recipes from the South of France

Our 2023 fall menu brings a collection of Provencal and French Riviera dishes to your dinner table. The menu was created by Anina Belle, the culinary genius behind Le Chef’s Wife. In the last year of her business degree, Anina Belle was an exchange student in Nice, France. She had …

Eygalieres Local Restaurants
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Where to Eat? Restaurants in Eygalières to Try Now

Unlike the abundant shopping in the heart of Saint Remy de Provence, the village of Eygalières has only a handful of boutiques. However, what this town lacks in retail opportunities, it makes up for with places to eat and drink. The following list of cafés and restaurants in Eygalières is …

Cocktail Hack leftover Rosé Make Ice Cubs
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Cocktail Hack: What to do with Leftover Rosé?

In the unlikely event of leftover rosé in your fridge, we have some great recipes! These rosé ice cubes are the perfect addition to a summer cocktail or to cool down your rosé during a hot summer day without watering it down. They look so pretty too. Continue reading here …

Markets in Provence Favourites
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Markets in Provence a Few Favourites in the Region

There’s something about French markets that makes them stand out from others we’ve visited over the years. It doesn’t matter where you are in France; a market will always be nearby. Sometimes, a few stalls in a small village or a vast event filling the streets and squares of a …

Cuisine Nissarde La Trucha from Nice
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Spanish Tortilla Fan? Make Room for La Trucha from Nice

Eggs and Swiss chard are the main ingredients in la trucha, a culinary favourite in Nice, France. Like the Spanish tortilla de patatas, made with egg and potato, la trucha covers a range of meals from snack food to picnic fare to a light meal. Easy to prepare and served …

Professional Rosé Wine Tasting
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Professional Rosé Wine Tasting is Hard Work in Provence

While in Provence, Göran Boman and his wife joined two wine professionals on an epic wine-tasting experience this spring. They tasted 192 different rosés from the region! My wife Maria and I had the chance to try our hand at being wine journalists when we tasted 192 rosé wines from …

Morocco Lamb Tagine with Prunes and Almonds
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Flavours of Morocco Lamb Tagine with Prunes and Almonds

Last year we travelled to Southern Spain. It’s hard to imagine how quickly the days have passed since that trip. This year we headed to Morocco. As always, for me, learning about food is part of our preparations for the trip. Markipedia is doing his bit to ensure we don’t …

Soupe au Pistou Recipe from Provence
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A Traditional Soupe au Pistou Recipe from Provence

Marie-Helene Beriot is the president of Remember Provence, an online store selling only genuine French creations. She also enjoys cooking traditional recipes such as soupe au pistou for her family, which she shares below. Having grown up in Provence, Marie Helene has an innate ability to identify authentic, high-quality goods …

Flour Stock growing Ancient Grains Var Provence
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Growing Ancient Grains in the Var Dedication to Tradition in Provence

Did you know that the word cereal comes from Ceres, that beautiful Roman goddess of harvest and agriculture? Humans have been cultivating grains since time immemorial; even Neanderthals collected them to bake into some reasonably complex dishes (mentioned in the blog post Breaking Bread in Palestine on my website). Grains, …

Tart with Fresh Apricots
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A Delicious Tart Made with Fresh Apricots

Regarding dessert, tiny fruits merit tiny tarts like this recipe for a fresh apricot tart. I am trying to make smaller desserts: small-batch cookies, cakes, and (case in point) tarts. This approach yields fewer tempting leftovers. As it turns out, I have a very small and rather adorable pie plate …