The following list includes books we have read and recommend to anyone who wants a “dose” of Provence. Whether you have visited the region or always dreamed of doing so, this collection includes cookbooks, guidebooks, memoirs, love stories, mysteries and more.

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Discover the biographies of people who lived in Provence, including the artists inspired by the region. These authors have done extensive research on their subjects. If you enjoy reading biographies or historical fiction, these titles interest you. Each book provides insight into life in the South of France. Discover the fascinating characters who chose to live in the region and their impact on Provence.

Children’s Books

It’s easy to get a bit caught up in adult activities focusing on Provence’s cultural and historical aspects. However, there is plenty to interest children in the region. Many museums offer separate kid-friendly audioguides. These books are written for children and deliver a magical first glance at the South of France. Kids can learn about places, key characters, Roman history and Provencal customs.

Cookbooks and Culinary Guides

Fresh + Seasonal = Delicious

These culinary books are not an exhaustive list, but rather a few in our collection. Some are cookbooks, some are culinary guides to the Provencal lifestyle, and others are invaluable resources for navigating the tantalizing markets.

French Lifestyle Books

Undoubtedly, there is a “je ne sais quoi” style when it comes to French design, home decor and traditions. These books highlight personal approaches to the art of the French lifestyle and unique table-setting touches for entertaining.

Love Stories from Provence

A budding romance, a Provencal setting and voila – a love story. The following list of books only begins to scratch the surface of the popular women’s fiction genre. However, we recommend these authors as they write beautifully, inviting you into the lifestyle in the South of France with their prose. These books may be fiction, but these authors have “done their homework” concerning historical facts, understanding local traditions and immersing themselves in the culture.

Memoirs from Provence

These memoirs are inspired by those who have chosen to settle in Provence for a period. What is appealing about these books is that the authors have all visited more or less the same geography, yet each story is different. Some are humour-filled tales of expats trying to fit in, and others reflect the attraction of cultural differences.

Mystery Novels set in Provence

Provence may not spring to mind as a setting for a mystery, but these authors think so. If you enjoy a who has done it, this collection of murders, thefts, drug busts, and generally bad actors is for you. Settings are Provencal vineyards, art galleries and even along the chic French Riviera. Enjoy diving into the pages of these novels and attempting to solve the mysteries.

Travel Guides and Photo Books

Not only is Provence – Alpes – Côte d’Azur (PACA) a mouthful, but it is also immense geography and challenging to tackle in a short vacation or even an extended stay. The following books are not guidebooks in the traditional sense but rather a way to discover the best of the region based on these personal experiences.

Memoirs Books Provence Reading List