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What Happens When Travel Bloggers Unite

Contributor blog post by Susan Guillory: A few years ago when I spent a month in Provence, I looked for blogs about Provence where I could guest contribute. One site was Perfectly Provence. The site owner, Carolyne Kauser-Abbott, was very welcoming and encouraged me to write to my heart’s content. We …

Searching For Peter Mayles Provence #Book @unxplorer
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Published New Book, Searching for Peter Mayle’s Provence

Contributor blog post by Susan Guillory: After a year and a half of writing it (and mostly ignoring it), my most recent book, Searching for Peter Mayle’s Provence, is live in the Kindle store! It’s a sweet little collection of stories that are, I hope, humorous takes on my five …

Meeting People in Provence @Unxplorer
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The Characters of My Travels: Eliza Doolittle in Provence

Contributor blog post by Susan Payton: She sat in the corner of the bar, her face flushed with drink underneath her mop of gray shaggy hair. I paid little attention to her as we plopped down at the bar. We greeted Laurence, the bar owner, who we’d met a few …

10 things about Provence @Unxplorer
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10 Things I Miss About Provence

Contributor blog post by Susan Payton @ the Unexplorer: One year ago, I was sipping rosé in Pignans. It still feels unbelievable. Here’s what I’m missing about my time in Provence. 1. The Food. Everything tastes better in France. Or maybe just anywhere but the US. The bread, the butter, …

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One Year Later: What a Month in Provence Taught Me

Last spring, I spent five glorious weeks in Provence, first in the not-so-interesting town of Pignans, then in Saorge, the fairytale village we fell in love with. Whenever I see one of the hundreds of photos I took on that trip, I remember it fondly, though it still feels like …

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7 Ways to Live Like a Local Anywhere in the World

Contributor blog post by Susan Payton: When I attended TBEX a few weeks ago (travel blogging conference), I started thinking: what’s my stance as a traveler? How do I travel? What makes me unique? I realized that I, along with my family, like to travel like a local. What does …

Gonfaron France Var @Unxplorer
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Photo Friday: Gonfaron and 4 Reasons to Visit

Contributor blog post by Susan Payton: When Susan our Unexplorer shared this photo of Gonfaron I was curious. Where was this place and what might one expect to find in this village in the Var. It turns out there are several reasons to visit this village that claims to be …

Provence Villages Saorge #Saorge @unxplorer
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Saorge: A Little Mountain Town with a Big Heart

After spending four weeks in a tiny town in Provence near Aix, my husband, son, and I decided for a change of scenery. We packed up our many, many suitcases into a clown car-sized Peugeot, and drove two hours northeast to the picturesque mountain town of Saorge. I’m willing to …

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City, Beach, or Small Town: Where to Stay in Provence

Before my recent trip to Provence, I didn’t know much about the area other than it was known for its lavender and pastis. It’s only 3.5 hours from Marseille to Nice, so I figured it couldn’t be that hard to find a place to stay. Despite its relatively small size …

Les Deux Garcons Cours Mirabeau #AixenProvence @PerfProvence
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MFK Fisher’s Cours Mirabeau: Unchanged Over Time

Reading MFK Fisher’s Two Towns in Provence, you might be surprised that it was written so long ago. Cours Mirabeau, the cultural center of Aix, looks much like it did when Fisher and her two daughters sought solace at Les Deux Garçons or ambled down the boulevard so many decades …