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Fresh Figs Sweet and Savoury Recipes from Provence

Sweet and earthy, the fragrance of a fig tree full of almost ripe fruit is like standing in a pot of jam. The fig tree is known as the Common Fig. It grows both cultivated and wild in most countries that are close to the Mediterranean and in many parts of Asia. Some tree varieties will bear fruit up to four times a year.

Le Pistou Cookery School Uzès Figs

Literally, as old as the hills, the fig has been cultivated by humans since Neolithic times (9400 – 9200 BC). Symbols of the fig and fig leaf are evident in literature, religion and art. The fig leaf often used to characterize modesty by covering private parts.

Provence Fresh Figs Recipes

The fig tree does flower, however, the blossom is not visible as it is inverted and develops inside the fruit. Many fig tree varieties bear fruit twice a year; a first crop (breva) in the spring and then the second production in late summer. The second harvest is typically larger with higher quality fruit. The fig season is fleeting as the fruit is delicate and does not travel well. Fresh figs are an exceptionally high source of calcium and fibre. Often figs are dried or made into jam due to the rate at which they perish. Read how Jemma discovered that it is possible to have too much of a good thing when it comes to figs.

Recipe Ideas with Figs:


Fig, Walnut and Lardon Quiche
I love to make seasonal quiches, as there’s always a nice combination that will work. Figs are lovely with nuts, so you can make a very tasty number with some crushed almonds or walnuts, figs and some lardons for extra taste.
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Fig Walnut and Lardon Quiche #Figs #Recipe @MirabeauWine
Stuffed Zucchini Flowers with Goat Cheese, Figs and Ham
Sadly, zucchini flowers and figs are only available for a short time in Provence, but if you can source both, this colourful creation will have your guests begging for more.
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Stuffed Zucchini flower with goat cheese, figs and ham @CooknwithClass #TastesofProvence
Cambozola and Fig Flatbread
A warm and toasty lavash (sheet flatbread) covered in bold creamy Cambozola cheese and figs with fresh thyme and pine nuts baked to perfection.
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Cambozola and fig flatbread @CocoaandLavender
Fig and Tomato Salad
This is a easy and delicious salad that combines sweet fig and tangy tomatoes on one plate.
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Fig Tomato Salad Recipe @AtableenProvence


Fig Tart with Orange Flower Custard
This is a delicious tart, easy to make a perfect way to use up those figs that your guests brought to your dinner party.
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Fig Tart Orange Flower Custard
Fig and Buttermilk Custard Tart 
The recipe makes a 1-10 inch tart, which should serve 6-8 people.
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Fig Buttermilk Tart
Blue Cheese and Fig Tart Two Ways
This recipe is based on a blue goat cheesecake by Braiden Rex-Johnson found in her "Pike Place Market Cookbook." I made the dessert into more of a tart format, using the same basic ingredients.
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Blue Cheese Fig Tart
Mini Fig and Ricotta Cheesecakes
This is a recipe our lovely intern Bella delighted us with during her stay in Provence and that has made it into my list of all time favourite deserts.
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Mini Fig Ricotta cheesecake @MirabeauWine

Click here for the original post and a recipe for Dried Fig Squares with a Walnut Crust.

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