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Lavender Wands at La Maison FRANC in Lourmarin

By Caroline Longstaffe:

When Philippe Franc, the owner of La Maison FRANC first came to live in Pertuis, near Lourmarin, his neighbor welcomed him with a gift, a lavender wand or Coeur de Lavande. It was a defining moment and the first step in a story which led to the opening of his exquisite shop in Lourmarin, La Maison FRANC (see address details below).

Continue reading here to see her photos of this beautiful boutique in Lourmarin. Discover the Coeur de Lavande and how they are made by hand. Often called fuseaux de lavande, these keepsakes are an old traditional handicraft made with stems of freshly-cut Provencal lavender.

Lavender wands, fuseaux in French, served a very practical purpose to keep mites and moths away from clothes. Today, although the wands can keep the bugs away, they also make for beautiful keepsakes or dried arrangements.

Make a Coeur de Lavande

The lavender stems are then counted and cleaned of any tiny shoots, by hand. The fragrant bundle is then tied just below the flowers with a piece of ribbon. Then each stem is folded over the lavender buds “capturing” the flowers inside. The final step is to weave a bright ribbon through the stems covering the entire packet. The result is a lavender fuseaux, essentially shaped like a baby’s rattle. Even after years of practice, it takes about one hour to make each lavender wand. A perfect hostess gift, a special table setting, a present for your mum or a girlfriend.

The lavender wands (coeurs de lavande) will last forever.

  • 100 % French lavender
  • 100 % handmade
  • 100% traditional

La Maison FRANC 
17-7 Rue Henri de Savornin,
84160 Lourmarin (see map)

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Caroline Longstaffe

Caroline Longstaffe

A traveller at heart, Caroline says she was most probably born under a wandering star. This English girl lives in California, but has a soft spot for France. After living in Provence for 18 months, she admits that she is now torn between the towns of Uzes and Lourmarin - she cannot decide which is her favourite. During her stay in Provence, Caroline launched her blog Shutters and Sunflowers. Her blog is about passion, about living the journey not waiting to get to the destination.


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    Cibi Hoffman
    July 6, 2019 at 10:57 am — Reply

    Would like to buy the wands foe our shop on Antique Row in West Palm Beach Florida please respond with information Thank you Cibi Hoffman

  2. blank
    July 6, 2019 at 11:01 am — Reply

    Would like to purchase Lavender wands for our shop on Antique Row in West PAlm Beach Florida USA

  3. blank
    September 17, 2020 at 8:34 pm — Reply

    I am interested in purchasing lavender wands for gifts and have contacted Le Maison Franc but am not receiving replies with pricing and availability.

    Can you provide an email or guide me to another?

    Thank you.

    • blank
      September 18, 2020 at 7:58 am — Reply

      Hello Trish, thank you for reading Perfectly Provence. Here are two options you can try for lavender wands. Savoir Faire des Alpilles carries beautiful creations from local artisans including lavender items from Fuseaux de Lavande. If you are interested in receiving our newsletter, sign-up here and you will get a copy of our new Fall Dinner Party menu.

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