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Amazing Citrus Try these Sweet and Savoury Recipes

Why Cook with Citrus?

Suppose you are looking for a way to add more flavour when cooking. Adding citrus is a great option. Citrus adds acidic flavours to a dish. The impact of citrus depends on what you are cooking: It adds a fresher taste to meat and fish and a lighter taste to baked goods. Citrus is a great way to add some excitement to your go-to meals. Elevate your grilled chicken or fish with lemon or other citrus fruit.

When to add Lemon:

Lemon can be added when cooking meats and vegetables. You can marinate your meats in lemon or add lemon at the end of cooking. Another great option when cooking fish is to add lemon; when serving, it is a terrific finishing touch. Plus, a slice of lemon always makes the plate look more appealing! In many recipes, we recommend adding the zest of lemon because it enhances the flavour without the additional texture. Several desserts, including tarts and cakes, are improved with lemon!

Lemon, Garlicky, Rosemary Lamb Shoulder
Cooked over hot coals (or a gas BBQ), the lamb shoulder is infused with a lemon, garlic, and rosemary mixture before cooking. Enjoy this epaule d'agneau au citron, ail et romarin from the French Grill cookbook by Susan Herrmann Loomis.
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Grilled Lamb Shoulder French Menu
Crispy Salmon with a Lemon Risotto
Quick to prepare this salmon dish is a light main course any time of the year. The wonderful thing about risotto is you can make it the main event, slow down the cooking and occasionally stirring while you chat with your guests.
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Crispy Salmon and Lemony Risotto
Chicken Tagine with Green Olives and Preserved Lemon
Adapted from a recipe by Tyler Florence.
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Recipe Chicken Tagine Green Olives and Preserved Lemon
Scallops with Lemon and Caper Butter
These delightful scallops are a perfect appetizer to serve at your next dinner party. The bright citrus complements the creamy butter and vinegary capers for a delicious starter you can share with friends, family, or enjoy on your own!
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Scallops Lemon Caper Butter
Lavender Lemon Cake 
Enjoy the hint of lemon and lavender in this delicious cake. The recipe is lightly adapted from a version featured in the National Post on September 8, 2001.
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Lavender Whipped Cream
Lemon Tart - Tarte aux Citron - La Tarta al Limoun
A delicious lemon tart that can be baked as one large tart or served in smaller tartlets to share, Enjoy! 
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Tarte aux Citron Recipe From NIce Cuisine Nissarde
Olive Oil and Lemon Cake
A simple and delicious cake to share with friends and family!
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A Olive Oil Lemon Cake Recipe Olive Oil and Lemon Cake
Lemon Lavender Buttermilk Cornmeal Olive Oil Cake
This recipe was minimally adapted from the recipe by Nicole Riegl of
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Lemon Lavender Cornmeal Cake Olive OIl Cake
Lemon Olive Oil Mini Cakes
This recipe is easy and delicious. The combination of tangy-sweet will convert even the non-dessert lover.
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Lemon Olive Oil Mini Cakes

When to add Orange:

Oranges can be added to create a savoury or sweet flavour. Adding sliced (peeled) oranges to a salad gives it more tang and texture, so you can get excited about choosing the healthier option for lunch or dinner. Salmon is delicious when cooked with sliced oranges. An olive oil cake made with citrus fruits is a must-try if you want a dessert! Orange marmalade is an excellent option for bread spreads.

Shaved Fennel and Orange Salad
This shaved fennel and citrus salad is the perfect way to begin the slowdown. The salad feels luxurious and rich with feta and olives, punctuated by bright bits of satsumas, blood oranges, and even grapefruit.
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Salad Shaved Fennel Citrus
Seared Scallops with Blood Orange Beurre Rouge
These succulent scallops pair exquisitely with the tart citrus flavour of blood orange. You can quickly whip this dish up at home that will fool your dinner guests into thinking you're a 5-star chef. Then, pair it with a buttery, full-bodied white wine for an incredible meal!
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Scallops in Blood Orange Sauce
Grilled Anchovies with Feta, Dried Orange, and Fennel
A preparation of anchovies or sardines with Mediterranean-inspired flavours.
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Grilled Anchovies Two Ways
Sweet Orange Crêpes Provençal
Do not let the intimidation of cooking crêpes deter you from this trying the very simple recipe. Light and airy yet packed full of zesty orange flavour, it's a recipe to be proud of conquering!
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Sweet Orange Crepes
Blood Orange and Ricotta Dessert
A delicious dessert that goes great with a glass of rosé. Enjoy!
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Simple Dessert Blood Orange and Ricotta Cream
Fig Tart with Orange Flower Custard
This is a delicious tart, easy to make a a perfect way to use up those figs that your guests brought to your dinner party.
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Fig Tart Orange Flower Custard

More Citrus Recipes:

Salmon Salad with Citrus and Mango
Prepare the pickled mustard seeds in advance, they will keep in the fridge. This salad is a perfect meal-sized salad for a hot summer day. Enjoy for lunch or a light dinner.
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Summer Salmon Salad Citrus Mango
Citrus Almond Cake
This recipe combines citrus and almond in a sweet dessert. It was minimally adapted from the recipe by Claudia Roden, "The Food of Spain." The cake is also gluten-free and dairy-free if your guests have food sensibilities.
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Citrus Almond Cake
Angel Food Cake with Citrus Sauce
This recipe was minimally adapted from the King Arthur Flour cookbook. Angel Food Cake is a "light" option for dessert. You can add spices to the batter, or change the sauce from citrus to berry or another flavor to suit your tastes.
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Angel Food Cake

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