Centre D’Art La Falaise #Cotignac @MirabeauWine
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Centre d’Art La Falaise opens its doors in Cotignac

Contributor blog post by Victoria Koning @ Mirabeau Wine: If walls could talk, the new art centre in Cotignac would tell a thousand tales. A myriad of locals have shared their precious memories of times spent in the La Falaise building from when it was a restaurant, a garage, a …

Rosé Good Food Appetizers @MirabeauWine
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Rosé and good food: a heavenly match made in Provence

Contributor blog post by Jeany Cronk: Since I can remember Rosés have occupied the fun aperitif/pub by the river/swimming pool wine or perfect BBQ beverage slot, but only very few people have considered them with nicer foods or ordered a bottle at a restaurant. The reasons for this are many …

Stuffed-vegetables-aubergine #Recipe @MirabeauWine
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Recipe for Provencal Stuffed Vegetables

With this dish you can vary the vegetables and I think it’s lovely to use a mixture of aubergine, courgettes and tomatoes. The meat is generally a mixture of beef and pork, seasoned with herbs and spices.

Sophie Papiazan Artist #Ceramics @MIrabeauWine
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Sophie Papiazan, local ceramic artist

Contributor blog post by Victoria Koning @Mirabeau Wine: French artist Sophie Papazian graduated at the Fine Arts of Lyon in 1987 and pursued a career as a painter. In 2007 she discovered ceramics, and completed her studies at the School of Ceramics in Provence. Since then, she has been creating …

Tips on pairing wine with food @MirabeauWine
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Wine Folly tips on pairing wine with food

Contributor blog post by Victoria Koning @Mirabeau Wine: Forget what you’ve learned about drinking white wine with white meats and red wine with red meats! In this video, Madeline Puckette shows us how the texture, dryness, acidity and the aromatics of a wine can be matched to the flavours we …

Red Mullet #Recipe @MirabeauWine
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Easy Recipe for Pan Fried Red Mullet

Red Mullet is a rockfish often found in southern French cuisine, delicious grilled with tapenade or as part of yummy seafood soups. It’s a small fish that really brightens up our local fish counters with its gorgeous coral scales

Pink grapefruit, roasted fennel and prawn salad @MirabeauWine
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Pink grapefruit, roasted fennel and prawn salad

Contributor blog post by Jeany Cronk @Mirabeau Wine: Summer’s finally around the corner, yippee, and so alfresco dining and picnics are back on our agendas. I can say without hesitation that a cool bottle of Mirabeau is the perfect partner for all that outdoor activity! I’ve always liked to bring …

Tarte tartin aux tomates et olives @MirabeauWine
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Tomato Tart Tatin and Rosé from Provence

Tomato Tarte Tatin starter was so gorgeous on the eye that everyone who came to our Mirabeau lunch was already talking about it before they even sat down. It combines all the delicious flavours of Provence in a super-concentrated way

Pigs Head M Victoria @mrestaurants_ @MirabeauWine
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How we serve Mirabeau at M Victoria Restaurant

Contributor blog post by Mirabeau Wine: Rosé is definitely the new kid on the block, even though it’s been around for over 2,000 years. Provence rosé, being crisp and dry in style is perfect in on-premise establishments, and the ability of Mirabeau Pure to pair with a wide variety of …

Mirabeau Classic Rose #WInesofProvence @MirabeauWine
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Mirabeau Celebrates Gold Medal at IWC 2016

Contributor blog post by Stephen Cronk: Mirabeau Classic is one of only three rosés awarded Gold We are ridiculously excited here in Cotignac today – our Mirabeau Classic Rosé 2015 has been awarded a Gold Medal at this year’s International Wine Challenge, which is the world’s most respected blind-tasted wine …