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French Riviera – The Best Corner of France to Travel

Travelling is one of the healthiest things to do once in life because it refreshes the mind and health of every individual. If you are travelling for the first time and want to make it a memorable trip, then French Riviera is one of the best places to visit.

The French Riviera is also known as the Cote d’Azur is a dreamy French location. Before selecting a place to travel, you need to decide your budget, proper planning, and healthy tips to make your trip fantastic.

The Riviera contains several cities, 14 natural parks, medieval villages, Roman Ruins, and more. Whether you love travelling in the winter or summer, this location is perfect for all seasons. Winter is an especially beautiful time in Riviera. So, don’t miss a chance to go there at least once.

Best Corner Of France To Travel

Here you will find the top eight corners of France to travel to. You will definitely enjoy reading about French Riviera, and I hope your next trip will be to this place.

1. Nice

French Riviera is famous for the place Nice that is good to start your trip. Nice is a capital region and one of the popular destinations here. This place has attracted many visitors per year, and people are now desperately wanted to see that location at least once in a lifetime. The Blue Chair is the symbol of Nice, and it is perfect for visiting in winter so that you can have fun by sitting on these blue chairs.

Blue Chairs in Nice French Riviera

©Tours of Nice

2. Cannes

Cannes is famous for its first film festival and the most incredible place to visit. This place is perfect for all those who love to enjoy time on beaches with a loved one with good food and a perfect location.

French Riviera Lifestyle Cannes Views

©Helen Bates

Whether you are at Cannes with your partner for a Honeymoon trip or with family, don’t forget to visit the beach that will allow you to relax by sitting on a lounge chair for a comfortable evening. There you will also find restaurants that offer opportunities for rose shipping as well.

3. Eze

Not everyone loves beaches; some people love to watch historical places to find out some information about that particular place. Eze is also famous for its perched location that retains its beauty. You will be inspired by its small restaurants, shops, ancient stone building, and botanical gardens. Almost 40% of the population visiting the French Riviera in a year and definitely visit Eze.


©Eze Tourism

4. Saint Tropez

Your trip to French Riviera is incomplete without visiting the coastal town of Saint Tropez. It has become one of the glamorous tourist destinations in the world. Here you will love to stay at facilitating luxury clients in Hotel Byblos. Moreover, this place is romantic for newly married couples. So, let’s book your slot here for your next trip.

St Tropez Saint Tropez Provence

©Paula Kane

5. Grasse

Grasse is a pretty French town that is located in the north of Cannes and near Nice. It is a day trip destination for all the first-timers as well as regular visitors. You can explore the medieval streets, scents of its famous perfumeries, the atmosphere of small-town, and more. Grasse perfume represents two-thirds of total French production and employs 2,700 people generating a turnover of 600 million euros.


Grasse ©Cote d’Azur Tourisme

6. Monaco

Monaco is another beautiful place to visit while travelling to French Riviera. The city is also known as a billionaire playground. It is famous for its excessive wealth, casinos, and events as well like the Yacht show and grand Prix. You will see many things during a day trip to Monaco.

Luxury Entertainment South of France Monaco

7. Antibes

Antibes is also a great place to visit as it is not only a resort but a place where people live and work together. You can see the sharks at Marineland of Antibes, Musee Picasso, Cathedral Notre Dame, and many other beautiful areas that you will love to visit.

Discover our picks for where to stay in Antibes here and here.

Insiders Tips Visit Antibes Old Town

©Antibes Rental

8. St Jean-Cap-Ferrat

Apart from the luxury hotel, St Jean Cap is famous for its opulent historic villas. You will inspire by its hotel and location that is also famous there. Many visitors must go there at least once to have a peaceful time with their family.

Active Holidays French Riviera St Jean Cap Ferrat

©CRT Côte d’Azur France/Camille Moirenc


These are some beautiful places in French Riviera that you will love to travel to at least one with your family or loved one. Try to have some quality time by having great memory at the best corners of France, also check some historical places that will increase your knowledge of history.

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