Pizzadeliere provence pizza @MirabeauWine #Recipes
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Traditional Pizzaladière Provencal Pizza

The pizzaladière is a Provençal variation that combines Italy and Provence in a delicious and very simple dish, using the best ingredients you can. Serve with a salad and enjoy with a glass of Mirabeau Classic Rosé! Bon appetit.

Sailing in the South of France @MirabeauWine
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Sailing in the South of France

Contributor blog post by Victoria Koning @MirabeauWine: The South of France is an adventurer’s paradise, with Cotignac being very well located. It’s pretty much an hour or two to any kind of activity you’d like to take part in; skiing in the Alps, water sports on the Mediterranean, hiking, climbing …

Mini Fig Ricotta cheesecake @MirabeauWine
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Mirabeau Recipe: Mini Fig and Ricotta Cheesecakes

This sweet recipe is a delicious combination of ricotta cheese and fresh figs, brought to you by the folks at Mirabeau Wine.

How to drink rose #WinesofProvence @MirabeauWine
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How the Price of Wine Affects our Taste

Contributor blog post by Victoria Koning @MirabeauWine: I have been drinking wine for decades, but only in recent years have I really started tasting it. Looking at the colour, swirling the liquid nectar in my glass, sniffing the aromas deeply, taking a sip and swirling it in my mouth, letting …

Sacred Site St Baume @MirabeauWine
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Sacred site of Sainte-Baume

Contributor blog post by Victoria Koning @MirabeauWine: With its mythical and ancient forest, the sacred site of Sainte-Baume is one of the oldest religious sites in the Western world. According to the ancient Greeks, Romans and Ligurians, it was inhabited by the goddess of fertility. It is believed that Mary …

Trond Moi wine tasting @MirabeauWine
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Cooking and Wine Tasting with Norwegian Chef Trond Moi

Contributor blog post by Victoria Koning @MirabeauWine: A couple of days a year, Trond Moi flies to the South of France to hold a ‘cours de cuisine‘ for a bunch of enthusiastic Norwegian guests staying at at Lou Marronie, one of the most beautiful manors in Cotignac. Trond Moi is …

Pruning Grapevines @MirabeauWine
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The Importance of Pruning Grapevines

Contributor blog post by Victoria Koning @Mirabeau Wine: My first visit to Bordeaux shattered romantic notions of rambling grapevines. Seeing those tightly clipped vineyards, I wondered where all those passionate winemakers had gone, and when the bean-counters had moved in. At the time, we were enroute to Northern Portugal, where …

Provence-Rose-hot-right-now @MirabeauWine
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Provence Rosé is just so hot right now

Contributor blog post by Mirabeau Wine: The pink wave from Provence just keeps on swelling, which is funny given that for many years in London, Stephen and I had to indulge our Rosé passion in the comfort of our own home.  We never really got served any at dinner parties …

Fondant Cake #Recipe @MirabeauWine
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Really Easy Chocolate Fondant Cake

This easy recipe for Chocolate Fondant Cake made with only 5 ingredients, in record time, is from our friends at Mirabeau wine. Hope you love it and if this isn’t a good excuse to bake a cake, I don’t know what is.

Cotignac Plane Trees @MirabeauWine
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Under the Platanes – French Plane Trees

Contributor blog post by Célia Gentaud @MirabeauWine: There’s nothing more magical on a hot summer’s day than enjoying a glass of chilled, dry rosé in the shade of a towering Plane tree in the square. The hub of most French villages, especially in Provence, Plane trees are symbolic of socialising and …