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Where are we going to eat in Forcalquier on a Sunday

Hilda Stearn visited Forcalquier in Haute Provence in the autumn. You can read about the lovely place she stayed and the local spa here.

In today’s 24/7 society it is easy to forget that in some parts of France this development has yet to take hold. Arriving late in the afternoon we strolled around Forcalquier stopping for a coffee at one of the cafes in the main square. I will admit now to a bit of concern that it might be a case of ‘toute est ferme’ on a Sunday evening as the café was closing around us!

It would be fair to say that my best friend likes to know where (and when!) the next meal will be arriving and as darkness closed in I was beginning to wonder myself. I did joke that there would always be the pizza take-away near our hotel in Mane to fall back on. Mmmm I did get a sense of ‘you better be joking!’

Around the market square there are several cafes and restaurants – all closed on a Sunday evening! Luckily the cobbled area just beyond the church is home to some lovely shops and cafes (closed!) as well as several restaurants (open but not till about 7.00pm).

We decided to try l’Aigo Blanco and were not disappointed. It is a small restaurant and it was fun to watch our food being brought over from the kitchen across the street – only in France! There were other diners – always a good sign – and our window seat gave us a little view of the world as the locals strolled with their dogs.

This restaurant is worth a return trip.


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Hilda Stearn

Hilda is a co-founder of a Kent-based business development consultancy Ministry for Growth and manages the Thames Valley office. Working with a diverse range of clients from start-ups to established businesses provides a truly varied working week. She is passionate about supporting ambitious companies to be successful and is recognized for her collaborative approach. Hilda is renowned locally for her skill in bringing potential business partners together. She is currently a volunteer business adviser for Young Enterprise and participating in this year’s Global Entrepreneurship Week by mentoring a new business based in Buckinghamshire.

Hilda is fortunate to be able to balance work with regular trips to Provence where she continues to find new hidden gems that she readily shares with friends and her followers on Twitter.

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