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Top Charming Places in Provence to Visit on Your Next Trip

If you decide to visit Provence, you need a guide on its worth-see touristic places. In the article, we will guide you through the most worthwhile and unforgettable places.

Let’s Explore Provence

Have you ever been to Paris? Do you want to experience the beauty of the country and visit the south of France? In France, there are so many picturesque places to visit. Follow our guide to the most beautiful places to visit in Provence. Let’s get to it!

If you want to enjoy the calming smell of lavender and olive groves, get inspired by the landscapes, and feel the atmosphere or romance, Provence is the place for you. Where to go in Provence? Let’s look at the best places to stay in Provence and enjoy the beauty of the region.


You might have heard about Avignon through the prism of the religious conflict that happened there in the 14th century. It was Pope Clement V who turned the history in the region. His Palais des Papes is still in the city. If you are interested in the history of the place and want to get into the town’s atmosphere, you need to go there. You can get not only new experiences concerning religious issues but also try various mundane things. Shopping and food services are great in Avignon.

Summer Festivals Events Provence Festival d'Avignon


Cassis is a beautiful port city. What is it famous for? If you want to try the most fabulous wine in France, you need to go to Cassis. You can feel a specific vibe created by village fishermen who are still head out to fish on the Mediterranean.

Visit Seaside Cassis France

This picturesque town tucked is into a curve along the Mediterranean Sea between the calanques. The town with 8,000 inhabitants is about 20 km east of Marseille. It’s a fishing port on a steep hillside with vineyards and pastel-coloured houses that tumble down to the seaside. Bordering the marina are more pastel-coloured houses, shops and restaurants. The port is filled with little fishing boats, yachts and charter boats that take tourists out to the calanques.

Go for lunch and to see the vineyards.


The village is so popular among celebrities. It is a quiet place to rest from the blasting atmosphere of the major cities in France. Small streets and idyllic countryside settings will amaze you and make your stay here longer.

Gordes A Good Year Movie

The best time to see Gordes is when it’s calm in the early morning or the evening as the sun is setting and the light is magnificent for photos. Or better yet, visit in the off-peak season.

Worth the stop – Le Village des Bories: Provence has a heart of stones. Dry stones. Pierres sèches, to put it French-ly. In Provence, stones do speak. Fences, roads, churches, roadways, ramparts, and houses are all made of them. They tell the story of Provence from as far back as Neolithic times and perhaps even the Bronze Age–and they’re all in plain view. Keep reading  Mary-Lou Weisman’s description of the bories igloo-shaped huts made of dry stones, with nothing to hold them together.


If you want to see the gorgeous sunset, Roussillon is worth visiting. The city is depicted primarily in orange colours. The buildings add to the bright orange landscape. It différés from the Provence settings. In most regions of Provence, the colour palette variations are limited. But, Roussillon is a special place where the village’s colour comes from the ocher clay resources. You can enjoy the view of red canyons and have a stroll around local cafes.

Provence's Natural Ochre Roussillon

Roussillon’s primary attraction is its location perched on the side of a hill in the Luberon Valley. However, the red-hued cliffs standing guard at the edge of this town create a jaw-dropping vista you won’t forget. Natural bands of red, orange and yellow ochre bleed down the cliff edge framing the Luberon views.


Vaison-la-Romaine is divided into two parts by the Ouvèze River; on the right bank is the ancient Roman colony and modern town and on the left bank on top of a rocky spur is the old medieval town topped by a castle.

Vaison la Romaine castle

Vaison is a moderate-sized town in a gorgeous region, surrounded by Mont Ventoux and the hills of the Dentelles de Montmirail. There is plenty to explore in town, including an extensive Roman site, a medieval village on the hillside and a 19th-century “modern” section. Approaching Vaison from Avignon, you pass the villages of Sablet and Séguret framed by the Dentelles. Here is a suggestion on where to eat lunch.

Luberon Valley

Would you like to feel the shiver of anticipation and experience an old history of Provence? Then Luberon Valley is for you. Here you can see how people lived in Provence a long time ago. Walking around the streets, you can get inspired by the old villages thriving with secrets. They are alike, but each of them has its own love story. The best way to explore the region is to take a car. This is the place you should visit when travelling to Provence.

Let’s talk about Provence.

When travelling to a new region, you should know the peculiarities of life there. First, what is the most well-known and worth-to-see town in Provence? People argue about this issue because each place here is worth your attention. Aix-en-Provence is a popular city for tourists and locals, and it’s a university town. If you want to enjoy the south of France’s authentic atmosphere, you need to visit Aix.

Places Discover Aix-en-Provence Favourite Cities Provence Place des Cardeurs

Do you know what is the best time of the year to visit the region?  The truth is that all the seasons in Provence provide opportunities to enjoy the beauty of the landscapes, breathe fresh air, and feel the region’s real atmosphere.

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