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Ratatouille Recipe a Traditional Dish from Nice

Ratatouille, pronounced ra-ta-too-ee, is a delicious vegetable stew from Nice, commonly found all over Provence and the South of France.  I have to mention that it was this long before the Pixar film of the same name, and the reason I say that is that if you google “ratatouille”, the film comes up first. So wrong! Continue reading here for Phoebe’s recipe.

More Ratatouille Recipes

Niçoise Ratatoille - La Ratatouia Nissarda
The secret of a good ratatouille is to fry each vegetable separately before the onion and tomato are added. The talented cook obtains a mixture of tender vegetables and not oily mush. Prepare ratatouille in large quantities because it can be eaten hot or cold. Serve as a main course with meat or fish, a side dish, or an omelette. While ratatouille can be eaten cold, it is best reheated.
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Ratatouille Nice Ratatouia Nissarda
Rouget stuffed with Ratatouille
This recipe is a three-in-one combination of my mother's ratatouille and tapenade for a delicious stuffed rouget.
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Rouget Ratatouille Provencal Cooking
Provencal Ratatouille Recipe
The traditional ratatouille recipe calls for vegetables to be browned in olive oil in a frying pan, each one separately and do not peel them at all. All the vegetables are cooked with their skin to preserve a maximum of taste. Then, they will be mixed and will confit together in an earthenware casserole.
Provencal Ratatouille Recipe Traditional Terracotta Casserole Pottery
Mama Régine's Ratatouille from Cassis Bistro
Ratatouille is a delightful aromatic casserole. This bright and chunky summer vegetable blend will compliment any roasted or barbecued meat dish.
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Ratatouille Recipe Cassis Bistro
Ratatouille Tian Estival
This tian is easy to prepare. It can be served hot from the oven or at room temperature. This baked ratatouille casserole is a variation on the traditional Provencal recipe.
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Le Pistou Cookery School Uzès Ratatouille Tian

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