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The Ladies of Wine. Learn How French Women Collaborate in the Wine Industry

Contributor blog post by Jill Barth:

Women are under-represented in the wine industry – collaboration groups offer remedies.

There is a movement in the French wine industry, one in which winemakers and associated pros are considered keepers of the culture. Women across the country – from Champagne to Provence and Bordeaux to Burgundy – have formalized all-female collaboration groups based on regional alliances.

These groups present unified tastings and marketing programs. They provide education and training for the next generation and ensure that their traditions and environments are preserved through dedicated networking as they address legislative, economic, and climate concerns.

…Continue reading here for Jill’s in-depth article on how women in the French wine industry are collaborating with each other. These groups vary in size, but generally the ladies involved have access to networking opportunities where newer members can meet mentors or simply seek advice as required. In Provence, Femmes Vignes Rhône was established in 2004 and today there are roughly 30 members who represent domaines, which cover a vast grape growing region from Côtes du Rhône, to Costières de Nîmes.

For more on women in the wine industry in Provence read about the Lady Wine Makers of Les Baux de Provence.

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Jill Barth

Jill Barth

Jill is a writer whose characters make wine, love wine, and live wine. Research for her forthcoming novel–the story of a Provençal winemaking family during the Second World War–has afforded her glorious pleasures: meetings with ambitious French vignerons, travel up and down France in bouncy Renaults, overnights in shuttered châteaux, and many hours as a student of wine with a glass to her lips. In this role, she not only enjoys her own relationship with wine but she also indulges in the life of the French winemaking family that inhabits the pages of her novel.

Jill writes about wine, travel and occasionally yoga (she’s a certified yoga instructor). Her fiction has been featured on NPR and has been published in several literary journals.

Her writings can also be found on her blog L’Occasion.

Follow along with Jill on twitter and instagram.

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