Wine Owners Rosé in Provence
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Vineyard News and Wealthy Wine Owners Rosé in Provence

Unfortunately, there are even more Provençal vineyards that are bought up by larger “consortia”, it is the Provençal rosé wine success that contributes to the fact that there are fewer and fewer family-owned vineyards! Billionaire Rosé Ever since 1908, there has been a wine cooperative in the port of Saint-Tropez, …

Provençal Pairings Acquiesce Winery
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Debating Provençal Pairings at Acquiesce Winery

Gathering in the Acquiesce Winery tasting room with owner Susan Tipton and Susan and Towny Manfull and the wine lovers behind Provence WineZine was a joyful occasion after so much time apart. However, we were not in Lodi, California for simply a social occasion, we had some wine tasting and …

Springtime Debudding the Vines
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Springtime Debudding the Vines at Domaine Mirabeau

May is a critical month in the lifecycle of the vines on Domaine Mirabeau. In April, the buds break and begin to swell to show the first leaves and future branches. Then follows the critical process of ‘ebourgeonnage’ or debudding; the viticulturalist and their team select the branches that will …

Ladies Wine France dames-de-coeur-de-loire @JillBarth
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The Ladies of Wine. Learn How French Women Collaborate in the Wine Industry

Contributor blog post by Jill Barth: Women are under-represented in the wine industry – collaboration groups offer remedies. There is a movement in the French wine industry, one in which winemakers and associated pros are considered keepers of the culture. Women across the country – from Champagne to Provence and Bordeaux …

Montirius Biodynamic Winemaker vineyards
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Lessons from Montirius a Biodynamic Winemaker in France

I take notes like a squirrel on the bird feeder – fast and full, getting it all down before someone changes the subject. You’ll know me by my notebooks. More often than not, however, the stuff that really sticks with me doesn’t require a scribble. My memory serves in certain …

Photo Credit: Domaine Duseigneur
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Winemaker: Bernard Duseigneur of Domaine Duseigneur

Contributor blog post by Jill Barth: Today we welcome a rendezvous with Bernard Duseigneur, winemaker at Domaine Duseigneur. The 30 hectare estate spans Châteauneuf du Pape, Côtes-du-Rhône Villages Laudun and Lirac. 17 weeks ago I clicked on an Instagram photo of of three bottles of wine from Châteauneuf du Pape. “Wonderful,” …

Chateau la Nerthe Christian Voeux #ChateauneufduPape @LostinProvence
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Château La Nerthe an Interview with Christian Voeux

Episode 5 of “Lost in Provence” is a wonderful journey into the world of winemaking. In this episode, we head to Château La Nerthe to meet up with master winemaker Christian Voeux. Christian shares his more than 40 years of wine-making experience …Continue reading here for the story of Ken …