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Galettes des Rois and the Nabatean Spice Route

Contributor blog post by Liz Gabay:

In a month’s time I shall be visiting vineyards in the Negev desert and the archaeological remains of the ancient Nabatean kingdom. Splendid remains of buildings and extensive evidence of large scale agriculture and winemaking indicate the richness of this area in ancient times.

The 1st century BCE historian Strabo described the Nabateans as being ‘temperate and industrious,’

Continue reading here as our Master of Wine Elizabeth Gabay shares historical information on the spice route, traditions that surround the Christmas holidays in Provence, and best of all the Galettes des Rois. Cakes fit for kings which you can and should eat liberally on this day of the Epiphany for good luck.

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Elizabeth Gabay

Elizabeth Gabay

I first started coming to Provence regularly in the mid-1980s when, with my family, we invested in a small cottage in the central Var. I started to specialise in the wines of the area, selling them in the UK – way before Provencal rosé became fashionable. A 10 year pause in the 1990s while I worked at the Master of Wine degree, got married and had my two children before we decided to make a move to France full time. Based to the north of the wine region of Bellet and Nice since 2002, I write about the wines of south east France and Liguria (as well as other countries). I particularly enjoy the cultural and historical background to wine and some of the more obscure facts.

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