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The Drome Provencale 6 Food Specialties Tastes Worth Trying

The Drôme Provençale, despite the name and the Mediterranean landscapes, is technically part of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region and not Provence. As a result of its natural setting, the Drôme Provençale has several food specialties that intersect the culinary boundary between the South and North. Below we highlight the six (6) top tastes you should try in the region.

Quick Geography Lesson

If you have driven on the A7 (Autoroute du Soleil), you have likely passed the western edge of the Drôme, which is why it is considered the “Gateway to Provence.” Driving through this départment, you will see olive groves, lavender fields, grapevines, charming hilltop villages and even a castle. Named after the Drôme River, the départment feels like Provence, where time stood still. While Mont Ventoux is close by, the Drôme’s landscape is more one of rolling hills. A paradise for outdoor enthusiasts, hiking and cycling trails crisscross the countryside. Popular destinations include Buis-les-Baronnies, Grignan, Montbrun-les-Bains, Montélimar, Nyons and Valence.

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Drome Provencale Food Specialties

Featuring fresh ingredients such as honey, olives, black truffles, and local cheeses, the Drôme Provençale is popular with food lovers. Here are six (6) tastes from the region:


Known as the Orangé de Provence, this varietal is originally from Poland, but like the Mediterranean climate of the Drôme. The fruit is orange when ripe, quite aromatic on the nose is sweet and slightly acidic to taste.

Apricots in Provence

Nyons Black Olives:

Black olives of Nyons are often picked at complete maturity, reducing bitterness. It would be best if you allowed them to sit in water and salt for six months to remove all bitterness. They are produced with no chemicals or preservatives and are the first olives in France to be granted Appellation d’Origine Contôlée accreditation.

Olives Provence Markets

Nougat from Montélimar:

Montélimar is a town in France known for Nougat, a confection of honey, sugar, egg whites and roasted almonds. The sweet treat became famous in the 1900s when people passing through the town shared the candy.

Nougat Provencal Markets

Black Truffles:

Better known as the “black diamond of Provence.” You can learn more about the hunting process here. You can find truffles in many markets in the region. Black truffle peak season is from November to the end of February.

Try these recipes using black truffles!

Risotto with Black Truffles
Risotto is a terrific dinner party dish, easy to prepare in front of your guests while they drink a cocktail.
Check out this recipe
Black Truffle Risotto Recipe
Black Truffle Scrambled Eggs (Brouillade aux Truffes)
The hardest part of this recipe might be getting your hands on some fresh black truffles. Sophie used the traditional bain-marie method for super creamy and fluffy scrambled eggs.
Check out this recipe
Scrambled Eggs Truffles Aups Provence Mirabeau en Provence
Crushed Black Truffle Mash Potatoes
Easy to make and a really tasty side dish.
Check out this recipe
Searching Black Truffles Chefs Cooking
Mushroom and Black Truffle Omelette
Delicious and easy a quick lunchtime meal or light dinner.
Check out this recipe
Mushroom Truffle Omelette

Truffles Provence Truffle Markets Truffle hunting

Picodon de la Drôme:

A goat milk cheese made in the southern France region. The cheese has a soft white rind and a fresh taste. If aged, the flavour becomes more concentrated. If you come across Picodon at a local market, you must try it!

Croquettes de Vinsobres:

A complex and crunchy biscuit filled with almonds. The recipe originated from a baker in the village of Vinsobres in the early 1900s. The delicious treat quickly expanded into restaurants and grocery stores as a must-have!

This recipe is a variation:

Croquants - Croquets
This crunchy little cookie biscuit is the French version of the Italian Biscotti or Biscotto. Delightfully good served with your favourite tea or coffee or let's be honest completely on their own.
Check out this recipe
Cookies Christmas Croquants with Vin Cuit

Tourist Information:

There are over 40 tourism offices and information points in the Drôme. Each office focuses on the local geography and places of interest for visitors, including activities, accommodation, food, shopping and more.


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