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Cinnamon Royale with La Folie by Mirabeau Wine a Rosé Cocktail

Holidays and milestones are great reasons to celebrate, and a terrific time to shake up the routine with a pink-hued aperitif. This delicious and festive cocktail using Mirabeau’s La Folie bubbles to really celebrate in style. The recipe is below.

Rosé Revolution Book Elizabeth Gabay MW
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The Rosé Revelation a New Book on Wine

Contributor blog post by Chrissie: Writing a book about rosé taught Elizabeth Gabay MW that pink is defined by more than Provence. In case you haven’t noticed, the world is in the midst of a rosé revolution. The young and flirty alternative to red and white wine, the pink drink is …

Rosé: Understanding the pink wine revolution’
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New Wine Book! Behind the Scenes of ‘Rosé: Understanding the pink wine revolution’

Contributor blog post by Liz Gabay: So excited! After a year of rosé discovery, my book Rosé: Understanding the pink wine revolution, part of the Classic Wine Library, is out and will be available from 15 January. Back in October 2016, when first discussing the idea of writing a book …

Understanding Rosé Elizabeth Gabay
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Understanding Rosé a New Book by Elizabeth Gabay

Contributor blog post by Susan Manfull: Alexis Lichine famously said, “If you want to learn about wine, buy a corkscrew and use it.” Elizabeth Gabay MW, being a fixture in the Provence rosé scene for well over a decade, has opened many bottles of pink wine since moving from the United …

Kale Rosé Wines
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Napa’s Kale Rosé Goes To Provence

Contributor blog post by Susan Manfull: Rosé continues to take the United States by storm. Although France drinks the most rosé by a long shot, accounting for 35% of world consumption or 8.5 million hectoliters (mhl) of rosé, the United States comes in a second (3.4 mhl).A distant second, yes, but …

Christmas Wine Christmas Cocktails with Rose Mirabeau Winery
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Here are 6 Reasons Why Rosé Is The Perfect Christmas Wine

Contributor blog post by Mirabeau Wine: ‘Tis the season to be jolly, and what better way to do that than indulging in some delicious wines. Now, there’s a certain stigma when it comes to rosé that it should only be enjoyed during the summer, but in actual fact this couldn’t …

Belleruche Chapoutier Rosé Peaches Dessert
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Provençal Pairings: Rosé and Peaches for Dessert

Contributor blog post by David Scott Allen for Provence WineZine: I saw a display of Belleruche rosé at my local upscale grocery store. It was new to me and from a region I trust, thus it caught my attention. I was surprised to see it priced at $8.99, so I …

Rune Rosé Wine Provencal Braised Chicken Recipe
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Pairing Arizona Rune Rosé with Provencal Braised Chicken

Contributor blog post by David Scott Allen for Provence WineZine: There I was, minding my own business, sipping a Provence rosé at Revel (wine bar) in Tucson with friends celebrating their engagement. I chose the rosé, of course, and mentioned to server that I was a big rosé fan. By coincidence, the rep …

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Drink Pink a Celebration of Rosé an Interview with Victoria James

Certified Sommelier at 21-years old Youngest Wine Director in a Michelin-starred restaurant (globally) Ruinart Champagne Sommelier Challenge NY 2015 Winner Wine & Spirits Best New Sommeliers of 2016 “Drink Pink a Celebration of Rosé” published in May 2017 With all that Victoria James has accomplished at 26 years old one starts …

Tavel Rosé
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Meet Tavel Rosé: Beloved by Kings, Popes and Writers

Contributor blog post by Susan Manfull: I was delighted to learn Tavel rosé was a favorite of Ernest Hemingway. This rosé’s popularity and fame, though, predates my favorite author by centuries. In the 14th century, when the Popes resided in nearby Avignon, their cellar surely was  filled with Tavel alongside their …