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Interior Design Trends in the South of France

Provencal Design

Some people think of Provence when referring to the South of France. It’s one of the world’s most beautiful locations. You can find ancient Roman ruins, picturesque villages, and fields of lavender here. Also, you can see the beautiful and colourful landscapes along the Mediterranean coast.

Luxurious Le Petit Nice - Intérieur - Chambre

Le Petit Nice @Richard Haughton

Furthermore, the fragrance of lavender fields and the elegance of unique landscapes quickly descend into our minds when we think of Provence. A sleek, new, and extremely comfortable style is what characterizes it.

If you want to make a Provence style interior design in your house, then today is your lucky day because we are compiling some ideas about the interior design trends in South of France, particularly in Provence.

Colour Pallete

Choosing the right colour palette is vital to achieving any look you want to incorporate in your house. For Provence style, the colour palette should be bright and deep. We suggest you use pastel colours, such as beige, lavender, olive, sea waves, ocher, white, etc. It is important to follow this colour palette in both wall decoration and decor and textile elements.

Clos D'Alari Bed and Breakfast

@Clos D’Alari Bed and Breakfast

Curtains and Textiles

You can see the simplicity of the Provence style just by looking at the window décor. The windows were sometimes lined with gentle curtains that could easily move through the streams of air and light. You can use weightless tulle, satin, and chintz.

In addition to that, if you have windows that do not match a standard curtain, we recommend that you use made to measure curtain. Just make sure to pick the materials that complement the whole mood of the house.

Luberon Village House Rustrel

@Au Coin des Amis in Rustrel


Tiles and wooden planks are the classic floorings of the Provence era. Generally, you can use a light brown or terracotta tile with chamfered corners. They are painted or left untreated concerning the wooden floors.

Furthermore, much as for walls and furniture, the “ageing” effect is used in the floor finishing. In the French countryside, things such as carpeting, parquet, linoleum, and laminate are prohibited.


Pied-à-Terre Maussane Alpilles Livingroom

@ Curious Provence

The Provence-style ceilings are typically simply white or painted in light tones. Decorative or original ceiling beams are frequently used in the architecture of a country house or apartment with high ceilings. As a rule, contrasting paint is used to cover them. Certainly, such a solution would appear incredibly inappropriate in a small bedroom with a low ceiling.


There are two factors to consider before choosing furniture for your house if you’re planning to incorporate Provence style, it is sophistication and functionality. The primary emphasis is on the material used to build the furniture. We suggest you use light-toned wood, such as walnut, chestnut, ash, oak. It is permitted to use wicker and forged components.

Eygalières- Hotel Domaine La Pierre Blanche Guest Rooms

@Hotel Domaine La Pierre Blanche

The most common colours are grey and white with artificial ageing components. Wide upholstered furniture pieces typically have a colour pattern in subdued shades. In this style, furniture should establish the impression that it has been in use for more than a dozen years. However, for Provence style, using new synthetic materials is not recommended.


Without fresh flowers and indoor plants, the Provence style is impossible. Add some rose, lavender, alfalfa to decorate your room. Many household objects, textiles, and interior colours represent the French love of flowers: embroidery in the form of plant ornaments, pretentious forging, resembling winding plant stems, even dishes decorated with plant images.

You can also use ceramic souvenirs, picture frames (perfect apart from ceramic painted wooden frames), vases, and candlesticks. The interior design of Provence is an impressive and unusual mix of rough plastered walls, wood furniture, a vivid palette of colours, and ample décor.

St Remy Apartment Dining Area

@Karen Stride, St Remy Apartment


With so many wonderful destinations, Provence is a very great place to visit. But apart from that, it is known for its amazing interior design as well. If you want to experience the old style of a noble European home, then you can try the style of Provence. We hope that if you want to use this form of style in your home, the list above will help you.

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