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Food and Wine Pairing with Acquiesce Wines + Gift Package

Please join me, Susan Tipton, winemaker of Acquiesce Winery and Susan Manfull, Editor of Provence WineZine,  for our second virtual cooking, wine pairing, and wine education class.

Bonus Wine Gift Package

Perfectly Provence has partnered with Acquiesce Winery on a wine gift package for this event – Cook, Drink, & Learn 2.

To enter the contest, leave a comment below this post before January 30th at 18:00 (Pacific time). The winner will be selected via a random draw from eligible names and enjoy a gift package, including:

2018 Sparkling Grenache Blanc

2019 Grenache Blanc

2019 Grenache Rosé

Acquiesce Winery Food Wine Acquiesce Wines


Saturday, February 6th at 1:00 PM (PST), 4:oo PM (EST).

I will begin with a cooking demonstration of Feuilletés aux Champignons Sauvages (velvety mushrooms sautéed in tarragon and cream, nestled in puff pastry). Following that, I will share the secret behind making a traditional French cheese souflée and a tempting Angel Food Cake.

Sue Tipton will be tasting through three of her award-winning Grenache wines. Editor Susan Manfull will provide historical and pertinent information regarding the Grenache varietals and how they are interpreted at Acquiesce, along with posing questions and taking some of yours. I have now tasted and paired all three wines, and you will receive three recipe cards – one to go with each wine.

How do I sign-up for the session?

The event is hosted on an interactive virtual platform, sign-up for the event here.  The event costs $99, including three (3) bottles from the Acquiesce Grenache selection (shipping in the United States). Acquiesce Club members save an additional 20% on the bottles. If you live outside of the U.S.A, sign-up for the class and learn about the wines.

The Vineyard

Acquiesce Winery (website)
22353 N Tretheway Road
Acampo, CA 95220

Located in Lodi, California, the Acquiesce vineyard grows only white Rhône style varietals on 10.5 acres. The original vine stocks came from the renowned Château de Beaucastel in Châteauneuf du Pape. Varietals grown on the property include Grenache Blanc, Roussanne, Clairette Blanche, Bourboulenc, Picpoul Blanc, Viognier and Grenache Noir. Acquiesce white wine blends include Belle Blanc and Ingénue. Join the Acquiesce Wine Club and know that there will be a few bottles set aside for you every year.

The Fine Print

This contest is only available to residents of the continental United States.
You must be above 21 years of age to participate.

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David Scott Allen

David Scott Allen

David Scott Allen is the author, photographer, and cook behind Cocoa & Lavender, a weekly food blog based in Tucson, Arizona. Passionate about travel, he especially enjoys eating traditional foods and learning local customs, whether in the United States or around the globe.

David's first trip to France took place when he was 14, and he returned as often as possible thereafter. However, it wasn't until his 50th birthday that he finally made it south to Provence. The beauty, history, charm, warmth, cuisine, and - of course - the rosé wines captured his heart. He shares his Provençal recipes here on Perfectly Provence, and his food and wine pairings monthly on the Provence WineZine.

David is a firm believer that sharing a meal with friends around the table is one of life's greatest pleasures. And if it happens to be in Provence, all the better!


  1. blank
    Laurie LaRocca
    January 23, 2021 at 7:23 am — Reply

    Sounds wonderful!

    • blank
      January 23, 2021 at 8:01 am — Reply

      Thank you for commenting, your name is now entered in the draw for this Acquiesce gift package. Good-luck! Thank you for following Perfectly Provence and please sign-up for our newsletter if you are interested.

  2. blank
    January 23, 2021 at 8:58 am — Reply

    I hope everyone will consider joining us! This will be a very fun afternoon/evening.

    • blank
      January 23, 2021 at 4:04 pm — Reply

      Thanks, David, I look forward to your cooking demonstration the recipes sound delicious.

  3. blank
    January 24, 2021 at 12:30 am — Reply

    David, Susan and Susan – what a fantastic collaboration of three great minds! I love the recipes especially the Feuilletes aux Champignons Sauvages! Combining cooking, wine pairing and wine education as a virtual class is a great way for all of us to stay connected and to travel virtually. Well done.

    • blank
      January 25, 2021 at 8:29 am — Reply

      Thank you Tasha!

  4. blank
    January 24, 2021 at 6:28 pm — Reply

    Sounds divine! As a child I always looked forward to my birthday cake of choice- angel food cake… can’t wait to see your version.

    • blank
      January 25, 2021 at 8:30 am — Reply

      Hello and thank you for your comment, your name has been entered in the draw. Good luck! And, David makes a fabulous angel food cake.

  5. blank
    January 25, 2021 at 9:58 am — Reply

    I am totally in for the class. I started out as a classically trained pastry chef leaning all of the french pastries which is the base for all baking in my mind and the same goes for cooking. I learned the French classics which gave me my cooking skills of today, but I have not done any classic French cooking in MANY years so I look forward to taking more classes. I have followed some of Tasha Powell’s wonderful French cooking classes and ready to keep going and learn more!

    Thank you for this opportunity!

    Liz Thompson

    • blank
      January 25, 2021 at 3:32 pm — Reply

      Hi Liz, Thanks for your enthusiastic comment. I’m sure you will enjoy the wine & food pairing with Acquiesce Wines. Your name has been entered in the draw for this gift package. Good-luck!

  6. blank
    January 25, 2021 at 12:21 pm — Reply

    David and Susans!

    What a great class offering! I so appreciate wine pairings and love your menu.

    • blank
      January 25, 2021 at 3:30 pm — Reply

      Thanks for your comment. Your name has been entered in the draw for this gift package. Good-luck!

  7. blank
    January 25, 2021 at 3:43 pm — Reply

    Sounds like a wonderful class and a delicious wine-pairing! I have enjoyed Aquiesce wines in the past.

    • blank
      January 25, 2021 at 4:18 pm — Reply

      Hello and thank you for commenting, it should be a fun and informative class. Your name is now entered in the draw. Good-luck!

  8. blank
    January 25, 2021 at 6:29 pm — Reply

    Wow.. these wines look absolutely fabulous. I think I would want to try the Grenache Sparkling wine and also the Grenache Rose!
    Both sound fabulous.
    What’s amusing is that I recently had a Grenache Blanc.. from a different California winery!

    • blank
      January 26, 2021 at 9:35 am — Reply

      Hello Stevie, Thank you for following Perfectly Provence and your comment on this article. Your name has been entered into the draw – good-luck!

  9. blank
    January 26, 2021 at 1:14 am — Reply

    Yes please :)

    • blank
      January 26, 2021 at 9:34 am — Reply

      Thank you for reading Perfectly Provence and your comment. Your name has been entered into the draw – good-luck! Please sign-up for our newsletter if you are interested.

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