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Why You Should Drink Only Provencal Rose Wines This Summer

Oh, the rosé wine! The delectable wine with a refined and light taste! The perfect one to swirl in with your tongue along with robust food! Whether you plan on having it alone or with food, you will fall in love with the taste. Once you come out of the trance, you will find that having rose wine is not just enchanting, but beneficial as well.  Enjoy a glass of the rose wine, and find yourself transported to dreamland. Oh, and don’t get us wrong when we said light, there is no dearth of flavours! Even with the very first sip, you shall relish the nuances of its taste. And if you are like me, you shall fall head over heels for it too!

There is no perfect season for rose wine, but the light taste is terrific to beat the summer heat. One of the best places to enjoy wine is in the South of France, which is famous for its Provence wine, especially the Provencal Rosé wines. Enjoy a glass of the famous Provencal rose wine along with the sights and sounds of Provence. How do you do that? Just visit one of the many websites like Perfectly Provence, to know about places to stay or visit, food to enjoy, activities to engage in! Spend some time during the summer, enjoying a glass (maybe two or three) of the beautiful wine.

Drink Provence Rosé Wine

Why Should you have a Few Glasses of the Provencal Rosé wines this Summer?

Wine, in general, has been known to have many health benefits. If you do not believe us, check the full list of wine-related health benefits on Wikipedia. So, why would you think that the Provencal rose wine would be any different?! With the summer heat in full blast, a glass of the Provencal rose wine with its light taste can be a welcome relief! Here are some other perks of the smooth and light rose wine:

  1. Low In Calories: Who does not love a glass of light rose wine?! Well, you should have it because of its low-calorie count. If you want to have an alcoholic drink, then the Provencal rose wine (or any rose wine) is the best, due to its low-calorie count. It is the best alcoholic drink for spring and summer.
  2. Resveratrol Content: Resveratrol is a substance found in wine, which is considered to be highly beneficial. Rose wine has higher quantities of this substance compared to white wine (and a little less than red wine). This substance is anti-ageing and also reduces the risk of heart diseases.
  3. Phytochemical Perks: Rose wines like Provencal Rosé wine have numerous beneficial compounds that are anti-inflammatory and also act as antioxidants. One of these substances is polyphenol, which reduces levels of bad LDL cholesterol. With moderate consumption, you could also reduce the chances of rheumatoid arthritis.
  4. Light on the Pockets: Everybody loves a good bottle of wine, but a bottle of some wines (for example, say, Chardonnay) can cut through your pockets! Instead, you could invest in a Provencal rose wine, which is light in taste and light on the pockets, as well.
  5. Lower Alcohol Levels: If you are in a mood to party, then have Provencal rose wines. These are low in alcohol content and that makes the wine safe, even you tend to go a tad overboard!

Drink Provence Rosé Wine

Light on finances, health benefits (and no tension of acting silly even when you go overboard), along with cool pairing options with a variety of food, and of course a delectable and distinct taste — what else do you ask for?! A glass of rose wine (if possible the Provencal rose wines), is the perfect drink to celebrate an achievement – be it something as important as a milestone of life, or something as simple as the first rainfall of summer. And when you do it with the sights of Provence, the experience becomes almost ethereal. However, if you cannot find the time (or scope) for the visit, you can always enjoy a bottle of Provencal rose wine from within the comforts of your home.

Author Bio: Mark has a wealth of experience working in the wine industry. His know-how and expertise lead to him opening Hard to Find Wines – a premium provider of wines from boutique wineries from around the world.

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