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Chef’s Dinner Menu Provencal Winter Recipes to Impress Your Guests

For several years, Chef Burnell called the Var department home. While in the area, she made it her mission to scout out the most delicious and nutritious ingredients grown in the Var gardens of Provence. Perfect for winter entertaining, Chef Burnell’s dinner menu highlights ingredients from the region (almonds, oysters, citrus, fennel, olive oil, and lamb).

Read About Olive Oil from the Var

Discover Chef Burnell’s website and a wonderful feast of the senses through food, wine and painting workshops. She’s been certified in Knowledge & Promotion of the Wines of Provence, was a delegate from the Var at Slow Food Terra Madre and has been a private chef for a great many wonderful clients, whether for business events or family meals in famous Châteaux and royal palaces, for dignitaries, celebrities and dedicated foodies alike. She also continues cooking up some oil painting commissions for private clients in France and the USA.

Enjoy her delicious menu.

Provencal Winter Menu 2024

2024 Menu Provencal Winter Recipes

Winter is a wonderful time in Provence. The region has emptied of crowds, and the pace is more social, allowing one to prepare special meals to share with loved ones. Below, I propose some of my favourite local, seasonal ingredients assembled my way.

With Drinks

An aromatic, sweet, salty, nutty crunch that is good for you! I make loads to keep in a jar or give away.

Spiced and Roasted Almonds of Valensole
A quick-to-make snack perfect for a cocktail hour or just to have in the pantry (If you don't eat them all before you can store them). Tasty roasted almonds with a hint of spice that make them an incredible snack that is good for any occasion.
Check out this recipe
Spiced and Roasted Almonds of Valensole

Starter Course

This recipe for Swaddled Oysters is festive, colourful and inspired by ancient Roman cuisine. I created this cooked oyster recipe for producer par excellence Florent Tarbouriech from the Etang de Thau.

Swaddled Oysters
Inspired by ancient Roman recipes, this baked oyster recipe is a tasty, sweet option that works great as a starter for any meal. These festive little delectable packages celebrate the season of giving. Serve warm.
Check out this recipe
Endive Swaddled Oysters a Festive Recipe

The Main Event

Colder weather in Provence is an excuse for making hearty dishes and serving wines complimenting earthy flavours. Braised Sisteron Lamb with Orange and Fennel has wonderful, warming flavours.

Braised Lamb of Sisteron with Orange and Fennel
A delicious tender lamb that is slow-roasted in a fennel braise. The combination of fennel and orange gives this lamb an irresistible, warm, zesty flavour. Using lamb from Sisteron, which is some of the best in Provence, adds extra flavour because of how the animals are raised and what they eat while grazing.
Check out this recipe
Recipe for Braised Lamb with fennel and orange from Sisteron

A Sweet Finish

A combination of tangy citrus and irresistible chocolate, these Kumquat Bitter Orange Tartlets will surely be a successful finish to your evening.

Kumquat Bitter Orange Tartlets in a Chocolate Crust
A combination of sweet, sour and chocolate that is irresistible in a dessert. I prefer making tartlets to one larger tart. Regardless, this dessert is a great way to finish a meal. As a bonus, you can keep the bitter orange curd in a jar in the fridge for up to a month.
Check out this recipe
Kumquat Bitter Orange and Chocolate Tartlets in a Chocolate Crust


Contact us for a PDF copy of the menu

Explore our Tastes of Provence section for seasonal recipes and create your menu. Bon appétit!

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Provencal Winter Menu 2024

More Winter Menus

In some places, winter is a long season. While the calendar indicates a three-month timeframe, it can feel like winter a lot longer than 90 days. In Provence, the winter months are generally pretty dry, but definitely, the mornings are crisp enough to see your breath. Down jackets, gloves and toques are common attire in the early and latter part of the day. However, you might find a sheltered spot when the sun shines and bask in the warm rays. Here are some other menu ideas for the longish winter period.

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Winter Dinner Party Menu from Provence

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