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The School of Epicurus in Provence

Epicureanism evolved as a philosophy from the teachings of Epicurus who lived around 307 BC. The Epicurean view included friendship and living a virtuous and temperate life. What are some ways to lead a simple life? We love the idea of enjoying food, specifically food from our gardens. Learn more about Epicurus …

Les Souvenirs de l’Avenir #Jouques #Restaurant #Provence @Aixcentric
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Les Souvenirs de l’Avenir – Lunch in Jouques 2

Contributor blog post by Aixcentric This restaurant is 2 miles outside Jouques and feels quite remote, lost in Provencal trees and garrigue. But the interesting thing is that when we went for Sunday lunch, it was packed. I have since learned that it has a very enthusiastic local following, quite …

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Madame Wells Farmhouse

By Krista Bender   I just had a 5 course meal over four hours of wonderful conversation in this setting. I don’t know what could top my “happy place” than that! I pulled up to this Chateau which was set steep on the hillside. I was immediately taken with the …

Crepes Cidre & Compagnie Crepes Aix-en-Provence @perfectlyProvence
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A Day in Brittany Without Leaving Aix en Provence

While visiting Aix en Provence, we spent some time with crepe-making expert, Delphine of Crepes Cidre & Compagnie. We came up a creative and fun ABC list of this experience. Visit Ginger and Nutmeg’s blog post: A Day in Brittany Without Leaving Aix en Provence to read more about this crepe adventure!  

Salt Cod Recipe
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Salt Cod Recipe from Provence

With modern day refrigeration it may not longer be necessary to salt cod as a preservation technique, but in many countries the local diet has revolved around salted fish for at least 500 years. It is said in Portugal that there are at least as many recipes for bacalhau as …

La Rouge Guinguette #Jouques #Provence @Aixcentric
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La Rouge Guinguette – Lunch in Jouques

Contributor blog post by Aixcentric Our French teacher explained to us that a guinguette was typically a make-shift café-bar, usually next to water, with strings of lights and music and bushes pour aller flirter. They were dotted around Paris for instance for workers at the weekends and of course were …

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Visting Château de Bellet

There have been a fair few changes up at Château de Bellet, in the hills of Nice, over the past few years. The vineyard, so synonymous with the appellation itself, boasts a history dating centuries and a winemaking tradition passed down through the generations of Barons of Bellet who have …

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Rosé Wine for the Pool or Beach

Contributor blog post by Liz Gabay: At this time of year, how often we think of holidays full of sunshine and leisure with beautiful bronzed people relaxing by or in the swimming pool or on a beach with a glass of wine or an exotic cocktail. The Côte d’Azur has …

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Recipe Eggplant Caviar

This delicious, creamy eggplant appetizer may not carry the same expensive price tag as caviar, but your taste buds will quickly convert you into a lifetime fan. The Provence Gourmet shares his recipe for this classic dip (spread) for your next apero. If you are interested in cooking classes and …

Le Petit Vigneau in Saint-Paul de Vence Wines of Provence
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Visiting Le Petit Vigneau, Saint-Paul de Vence

By Chrissie One of the first blog posts I ever wrote, back in early 2013, was about Le Petit Vigneau in Saint-Paul de Vence. At the time, it was the winemaker himself, Raphael Vigneau, who showed me around his vineyard, hidden on quiet (and rather plush) residential street at the foot …