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Restaurants and dining in Uzès

Contributor blog post by Caroline Longstaffe: Dining under the golden arches in Place aux Herbes, shaded by the broad sycamore branches in the square. Enjoying ‘feu de bois’ pizzas on a cobbled streets or a pretty terrace. Savouring French cuisine at its best in an elegant dining room or exquisite garden; just a …

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Quince @ProvenceTayls
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Quince trees in Provence

On one of our many walking routes, there are several rows of quince trees (coing in French) which we saw planted just a few years ago. They have a lovely blossom in spring and produce large fruit, but what is interesting is their love of wet clay soil. We took …

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Salads for a party @Aixcentric
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Salad Days for Entertaining

Contributor blog post by Aixcentric: There was a large family party at the weekend and my job was producing lots of salads. The clear crowd pleaser was the Caprese  which is a version of the summer Insalata Caprese, but using winter ingredients, apparently very rich in vitamins C E and K to …

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Nicoise Salad Cooking Classes Provence @venisenprovence
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How to Make a True Nicoise Salad

What is a true Niçoise salad? An authentic Niçoise is made with raw vegetables; only the eggs are cooked. You have anchovies or tuna, never the two. This salad can be a complete meal with some good bread and a glass of rosé! You can mix the salad just before serving.

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Ile Sainte Honorat French Riviera
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Escape the Glitz of Cannes with a Visit to Île Saint Honorat

Cannes is the quintessential French Riviera resort, renowned for its glamour and bling year-round.  Come May and the internationally acclaimed Cannes Film Festival, the Promenade de la Croisette that wraps around the waterfront, passing the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès where the festival is held, will swell with even …

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Provence wine tasting @JillBarth
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Provence in the City: Simply Provence Wines

Contributor blog post by Jill Barth: I attended Provence in the City, hosted by Vins de Provence. Over 25 winemakers met with wine industry and media folks at the Public Hotel’s historic Pump Room in Chicago. It was a gorgeous spring-like day in typically chilly-in-February Chicago. The afternoon’s wine was offered …

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VinAzur @VinAzurProvence
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Where to Buy Wine on the French Riviera: VinAzur

Last year I sat out an entire vintage due to my pregnancy (it was easily worth it, of course, and I’ve been catching up since baby grape’s arrival). Just because I wasn’t drinking, however, didn’t mean I didn’t go out and it was at a tasting at the sadly now …

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Tarte à la Tomate Tomato Tart Tastes Provence @PerfProvence
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Savoury Tarte à la Tomate from Provence

If you use store-bought pastry this savoury tart is simple to make. There are two key ingredients ripe tomatoes and mustard both are critical to the flavour of the pie. It makes for a perfect appetizer or lunch dish with a salad.

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La Petite Maison Cooking Classes #Cucuron #TastesofProvence
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Cooking Classes in Cucuron

La Petite Maison in Cucuron offers a range of fun cooking classes finished off with a beautiful meal. Trust me you will not need to eat dinner afterwards. The classes are reasonable at 70Euros (2016 pricing). This rate includes about 2.5 hours of cooking time where you are expected to put on an …

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