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A trip to Marseille for an authentic Bouillabaisse

Contributor blog post by Michel:

We had been talking about throwing a Provence Party in our backyard with a traditional Bouillabaisse for some time. We had even told the neighbors it would take place in August when we returned from Sablet. While we were in Provence,I wanted to go to Marseille and have a Bouillabaisse in one of the restaurants renown for the dish and see how it is presented to diners.

…Continue reading here for Michel’s description of their day in Marseille (France’s second largest city), where the Mediterranean has always been a source of life and economy for the city since the days of the Phoceans. The sea has long provided fishermen with enough fish to fill their nets, and enough scraps to make Bouillabaisse.

Michel’s Marseille restaurant suggestion is below (make a reservation!):

Chez Fonfon Restaurant
140 Rue du Vallon des Auffes
13007 Marseille
Tel: +33 (0)4 91 52 14 38

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Michel and Shirley

Michel and Shirley, live in wine country, in Windsor, California. They have a full family with two beautiful daughters and five amazing grandchildren. Michel's day job is as CEO of Chancellor Health Care, a company which provides housing and services to older adults.

Previously a co-owner of a popular French bistro called Bistro des Copains located in Western Sonoma County California. The Bistro was closed in early 2015, after nine years!

In 2008, after searching for years and visiting many houses they bought a 17th century stone village house in the medieval village of Sablet which is in the Vaucluse region of Provence France.

Please read about the Sablet House (available for rent) and follow their blog Our House in Provence.

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