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Taste and Savour Juicy Gold the Cavaillon Melons of Provence

Contributor blog post by Nutmeg:

Celebrated Fruit – Cavaillon Melons

Nutmeg barely tolerates melons, in her opinion, the green honeydew version found in airport “fruit salads” should be outlawed. Watermelon and its variations without seeds or in ghastly yellow only belong on a picnic table with many children around.

The orange cantaloupe is the only melon that Nutmeg will consider eating. Like much of the produce in Provence, “you don’t know what you have been missing” until you have sampled one of the Cavaillon melons.

…Continue reading here to understand how this melon is a sweet mascot of Cavaillon. Originally, grown from seeds imported from Papal gardens in Italy, the varietal has evolved, but remains a celebrated crop in the region. Watch for details on the annual Feria du Melon – a summer festival with melons and equine games.

Melons of Cavaillon #TastesofProvence #Cavaillon @GingerandNutmeg

Not sure what to do with all those melons? Here is a recipe from Venise en Provence for a Savoury Melon Soup.

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