Genuine Provence Experiences St Tropez fishing port – adjacent to the superyachts Jane Dunning
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Genuine Provence Experiences Inspire Author Jane Dunning to Keep Writing

Jane Dunning is addicted to France. “I’m a real Francophile and have stayed in more than one hundred towns, cities, villages and hamlets in France. Twenty-two of these have been in Provence, the shortest for one night, the longest for four months.” The Dunnings four-month stay was as acting caretakers …

French Expat Visa
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Tips for When it’s Time to Renew your French Expat Visa

Contributor blog post by Barefoot Blogger: Yes, it’s that time of year again. Time to renew the French Expat Visa. It’s a gift from France that keeps on giving. Wish I could say that everything about living in France is wonderful. But when it comes to dealing with French bureaucracy, frankly, …

Group Coaching Sessions
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Want to be Your Best Self? Join a Group Coaching Session in Aix-en-Provence

You may well have found your dream location in Provence, but eventually life has a tendency to kick in wherever you are & that’s when Life Coaching can be useful. Coaching can be expensive and not everyone feels comfortable in a one to one situation, that’s only a couple of …

Book in Bar Aix en Provence
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Reference List for Meeting Expats in Provence

Contributor blog post by Ashley Tinker: I can’t speak for the entirety of France but if you’re looking for expats in Provence here are a few suggestions. When I first moved to France I had it in my head that I would only meet French people. I soon learned that …

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Why Should You be Networking in Provence

Or anywhere else, for that matter! This is a question that probably has not entered your thoughts, unless you are used to networking. Firstly what is it? In all honesty I didn’t have much idea when I started Network Provence in February 2015. By the way the dictionary definition states; …

Rebecca Ronane @RebeccaRONANE
Rebecca Ronane

Self-Improvement in Retreats in Provence

My dream of taking an amazing program of 18 life topic modules designed for women who want to take some self-development action in their lives and sharing it with the world, has been at the top of my agenda, ever since being trained by Ruby Mcguire who developed the program. …

Flags @Telegraph @Aixcentric
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UK Referendum – Voting Info for Expats

Contributor blog post by Aixcentric: The referendum to decide whether or not the UK remains in the EU is being held on 23rd June. British citizens may be entitled to vote subject to being registered and their eligibility. The deadline for registration is 7th June. To register to vote, go to …

Network Provence @Aixcentric
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Meeting for Women in Provence

Contributor blog post by Aixcentric: Network Provence has been set up for local women to promote their businesses. I attended one of their meetings in Aix back in November and really enjoyed learning about activities being set up. There are so many women who find themselves in Provence and set …

Melina @EnglishBubble #AixenProvence @Aixcentric
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Enterprising: Melina at English Bubble

Contributor blog post by Aixcentric: This post may be a little longer than usual…but that is a reflection of the wide variety of activities at Aix’s ‘English Bubble’. Even if you’ve heard of it, you may not realise just how much manager Melina offers there…and this info may well be worth …

Mirabeau Cronk Maison Tiles @MirabeauWine
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Finally in our own Maison en Provence

Contributor blog post by Jeany Cronk @MirabeauWine  As we know well from having read Peter Mayle’s tale of life and construction in Provence, nothing (apart from buying baguettes and Rosé) is ever easy in this neck of the woods. We do forget that construction is mostly a nightmare, wherever you are …