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UK Referendum – Voting Info for Expats

Contributor blog post by Aixcentric: The referendum to decide whether or not the UK remains in the EU is being held on 23rd June. British citizens may be entitled to vote subject to being registered and their eligibility. The deadline for registration is 7th June. To register to vote, go to …

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Meeting for Women in Provence

Contributor blog post by Aixcentric: Network Provence has been set up for local women to promote their businesses. I attended one of their meetings in Aix back in November and really enjoyed learning about activities being set up. There are so many women who find themselves in Provence and set …

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Enterprising: Melina at English Bubble

Contributor blog post by Aixcentric: This post may be a little longer than usual…but that is a reflection of the wide variety of activities at Aix’s ‘English Bubble’. Even if you’ve heard of it, you may not realise just how much manager Melina offers there…and this info may well be worth …

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Finally in our own Maison en Provence

Contributor blog post by Jeany Cronk @MirabeauWine  As we know well from having read Peter Mayle’s tale of life and construction in Provence, nothing (apart from buying baguettes and Rosé) is ever easy in this neck of the woods. We do forget that construction is mostly a nightmare, wherever you are …

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Tips on Moving to France: Rental Agreement, Bank Account and Visa

When the Barefoot Blogger decided to run off to France, I learned the hard way how to do some of the basics: rent an apartment, open a bank account and obtain a visa. If you’re contemplating a move to France, hopefully some of this will help. If I can do …

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For Women Over 50 in Provence

Contributor blog post by Aixcentric: Serengo is a new magazine being promoted in the Aix news kiosks for women over 50…and here’s the cover. I was rather amazed that the strapline to attract readers is Osteo-arthritis – 8 ways to calm the pain. Oh dear. By coincidence, after seeing this …

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Welcoming Baby Grape

I’ve been a bit quiet recently, for good reason! One month ago today, we welcomed our baby girl Charlotte (aka Lottie) into the world. What a wonderful, scary, exciting, emotional four weeks it has been and this little princess already has her doting parents wrapped around her (teeny) fingers. We …

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Expat farewells

Contributor blog post by Phoebe Thomas It’s no secret, I love living where I live.  I’ve lived a nomadic life moving country 9 times though sometimes all those other countries seem a very long time ago as I’ve now been in France for nearly 18 years.  But even within France …

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Rebecca Ronane Coaching Women in Provence

Rebecca Ronane has looked “reinvention” in the face more than once in her lifetime. She has had to refocus her career goals several times; from a one-time dream of acting Rebecca became a travel tour director and an English as a foreign language teacher. Now, Rebecca is helping women redeploy …

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Heros of the Week Expat Stories from the South of France

Update to yesterday’s blog, “One Step Forward, Two Back“. Lucy needed a new battery after all. Hoping to drive to Nimes to deal with my lost phone at SFR, I went to the parking garage to pick up Lucy. Soon I discovered the battery was dead … again. […] Explore …