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Want to be Your Best Self? Join a Group Coaching Session in Aix-en-Provence

You may well have found your dream location in Provence, but eventually life has a tendency to kick in wherever you are & that’s when Life Coaching can be useful. Coaching can be expensive and not everyone feels comfortable in a one to one situation, that’s only a couple of reasons I’ve started english language Group Coaching for women in Aix en Provence.

Last year I had the good fortune to be connected with the manager of the Ibis Hotel in Aix en Provence, which has a  fabulous co working space. Initially I was there to seek a new  venue for Network Provence, however in this bright, inspiring and very practical space ,it began to occur to me  how the Group Coaching program  would be a perfect match right here. Last November eight ladies and myself  came together for our first Group Coaching meeting, this a full house, as the workshops are ideally limited to eight!

What is Group Coaching?

Our topic was Values something you may rarely think about, but once delved into, you can’t stop thinking, about what yours are and even more importantly how you could be living by them and  the difference it can make. There are literally hundreds and of course they will change, depending what part of your life you are living. Once identified they help you make decisions and to understand why you do, what you do and to a degree why others do what they do too! It’ a big subject and in two hours you may have only skimmed the surface, however I can guarantee you will start to think a lot more about how you tick and why, as indeed most of the topics discussed in Group Coaching. Women of all ages  from the U.S, Australia, Canada, France, Germany and England, all living here in the Provence for various reasons came and joined this first event .

There is something unique about working in groups on the same subject, particularly from different cultures. Different angles come to the table which create ideas that stimulate, almost like reading a great book. You go away thinking, I would never have thought of that and sometimes that can make the difference you might need.  ‘Very thought provoking and safe place to discuss what makes us tick! ‘ and ‘very interesting and gave me food for thought’. ‘What a vast subject!’ were some of the comments made post the meeting.

In January, the group coaching tackled Procrastination, which seemed apt for the beginning of the year when goals come to the fore. Worksheets and homework to take away are included  and most importantly  connecting with like-minded people, and working together in a fun, friendly and supportive environment.

Group Coaching Ibis Hotel Aix en Provence

Coaching Location Details and Dates

The next dates will be as follows:

February 6 Boundaries
March 20 Self Esteem
April 17 Work/Life Balance
May 8 Productivity

Note: There maybe a little break during the summer months, but my intention is to run one per month, which will always take place at the same time from 15.00-17.00 at the Ibis Hotel, Chemin des Infirmeries, 13100 Aix en Provence.

To make a reservation email rebecca.ronane@me.com or telephone +33 (0)6 41 80 2 172

Group Coaching Ibis Hotel Aix en Provence

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Image credits: Ibis Hotel, Aix-en-Provence


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Rebecca Ronane

Rebecca Ronane has made Provence her home. Born in the United Kingdom, she describes herself as a happy wanderer and an adventurer. Rebecca has explored many career paths over the years and continues to lead guided trips in France, Spain, Italy and other destinations.

“Personal development and alternative health medicine have always intrigued me and starting in my early twenties I began studying Tai Chi. I followed that with a certificate in herbal medicine, but my adventuress spirit took over, and I followed a career of a life in travel instead."

"However, my interest focused in a different direction a few years ago, when I discovered Life Coaching, which for me became Life-changing. Studying and consequently certified, I now have my own Life Coaching business, consisting of Forward after Fifty (dedicated to women who want to reinvent themselves) and
Holiday Retreats in Provence.

The retreat program is a result of 18 small group workshops dedicated to exploring life topics such as values; people pleasing, boundaries and time management. After sharing many of these with small groups, it seemed a logical step to combine my coaching and travel experience into Retreats in Provence.

Rebecca launched Networking in Provence in February 2015. The group now includes over 150 international women who meet regularly in several locations in Provence. Here is the link to the website. Please contact Rebecca if you would like to join the Networking Provence Facebook group.


  1. April
    February 10, 2018 at 5:18 pm — Reply

    What wonderful themes you are discussing in your group coaching sessions!! So inspirational and thought-provoking! Thanks for sharing such a valuable resource!

    • February 11, 2018 at 9:27 am — Reply

      Thanks April! I will make sure that Rebecca Ronane sees your comment.

  2. Pam
    February 21, 2018 at 7:08 am — Reply

    This sounds fantastic! For me, I am very attracted to group coaching because it gives me an opportunity to learn from others’ valuable experiences!

    • February 21, 2018 at 7:46 am — Reply

      Hello Pam: The group coaching that Rebecca Ronane facilitates is a friendly, open group discussion. This allows for easy transfer of information and incite among attendees. If you are in the Aix-en-Provence area it might be worth attending one of the sessions to see if you feel the same way. Thanks for reading Perfectly Provence. Please sign-up for our newsletter if you have not already done so.

    • February 21, 2018 at 2:21 pm — Reply

      Thank you Pam. I agree Group Coaching allows an important contribution from so many angles

  3. February 21, 2018 at 2:16 pm — Reply

    Thank you April for your comments, I have been so enthusiastic & excited about sharing these confidence boosting topics in this Group coaching program that I am now more than happy that the initial reaction has been so positive

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