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Move to Provence: How to Manage Your Business Remotely

Is it within reach to successfully run a business remotely? CEOs have tried and tested strategies on how to manage conventional businesses. Emphasizing the benefits of working in the office setting, they usually mention the possibility of discussing emerging issues at once, data security, and no distractions at the workplace. However, it is no use deciding against shifting to a work-from-home set-up. During the pandemic, quite a few employees from the companies, which could have had the opportunity to shift to remote functioning, realized the advantages of working from home.

If you always dreamt about living outside the hustle and bustle of the city, having a perfect time with your family, planning holidays whenever you want, or even travelling the world all year round, now is your chance to make dreams come true in the post-pandemic digitized reality. Let’s go over the tips for business owners on how to manage your business remotely so you can move abroad to any place in the world, including the beautiful region of Provence.

#1 Stay Motivated

Remote business management has its upsides. In fact, half of the company’s work is done remotely anyway. It is popular now to hire employees through outsourcing. Usually, accountants, marketers, designers, and so on are hired remotely. Moreover, the management of the company never directly controls logistics operations, purchases, and information security. Therefore, you should not be afraid to run the business remotely.

Keeping tasks clear, having respect from employees, and using the right software will help you stay at home spending time on your hobbies and family.

#2 Stick to Tightly Organized Structure

Despite the positive aspects of remote work, entrepreneurs may pose significant challenges when establishing contacts with employees. To not be a flop, you should have a tightly organized structure of how your business is working.

The first thing you have got to do is to share work requirements. Discuss the main rules of working with employees and clearly state their dos and don’ts. Once you have done this, determine in which way the task scheduling will be conducted. In this case, you can use a task manager. Simply put, it is the programs with digital boards or chats where you can assign tasks to your subordinates, control their execution, maintain consistent communication, and promptly make changes or amendments to them, if necessary. Though, it is not enough for workflow management.

Just as you organize a workspace, you should implement measures for conference arrangement. Likewise, workers can chat using communication tools for business. It might be more convenient to cooperate from a distance. Nevertheless, in certain situations, it is better to call to alleviate response time.

Another way of discussing issues with colleagues and summing up is making morning roll calls and weekly meetings. However, remember to take into account the information about workforces’ availability.

#3 Do Not Neglect Managing Social Media Accounts

Today every business is promoted on the Internet to woo new customers. The influencers on Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube willingly endorse diverse projects, which is a marvellous way to hit the target audience. Take your online business sales levels to new heights!

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#4 Ensure That Employees Are Well-Aware on How to Use All the Software Securely

If you do not know the intricacies of working with software, you might face the challenges of remote working as well.

Web presence is crucial for telework. Being in any nice place, thanks to technology, you will be able to get in touch with coworkers. The working process should be well-equipped. It means that workers are obliged to have their own up and running technical devices. The leader’s duty is to provide employees with robust software (for instance, mediums, document storage, and specific programs) for making a conducive work environment.

Besides, it is vital to instruct employees on data security. No matter how secure the software is, the human factor is always crucial. Unfortunately, the majority of remote workers cannot separate technical equipment into work and home ones. Make sure you warn colleagues to stay off of vulnerable public Wi-Fi connections, set up access control and activity logging. It would be helpful for them in advance.

#5 Strengthen the Bonds with Your Team

Employees’ wellness contributes to seamless project management. It is quite important to anticipate some problems due to the psychological state of subordinates. The responsible director is one who takes care of employees’ well-being. To maintain collective cohesion, provide meetings where coworkers can discuss a free topic using communication tools for business. If it is possible, spend time on weekends together once every several months to feel more united.

#6 Select the Best Tools

Scientific and technological progress is not static. During the work time, everything falls into place, you will comprehend which modifications your business needs by trial and error. Some of your subordinates, clients, or partners might use other software than you do. It is the reason to reconsider what is perfect for the company.

Choose the best-fitting information repository, combined cloud-based management tool, screen video recorder, and video communication tools. Check if the task management is effective in demands, tweak and reinforce some of the strategies. Do not be afraid to implement changes. You will reap only the benefits of choosing proper tools and strategies.

#7 Refine the Hiring Process

Hiring should not be done blindly. Resumes are written at home and do not show completely human characteristics. If you manage your business online, ask candidates to send you a promo video message, create a presentation or get in touch through an online video platform.


There are a great number of roadblocks when maintaining your business remotely. However, for those who know the ins and outs of the online business, it is not a big deal and brings more advantages than disadvantages.

Remember, the basics of running a company remotely are good management. With the right coordination of work, you can enable yourself and your employees to work with a flexible schedule and not lose control over the management of the business.
Use these tips to flawlessly run your business remotely from Provence, and you can manage all difficulties head-on.

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