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The Challenges of House Renovating in Provence

Contributor blog post by Caroline Longstaffe

Don’t you ever wonder when you ask your friends how they are and they always say ‘wonderful’? Really, always wonderful, no-one’s life is wonderful all of the time, is it? I know I’m a sharer, I write a blog after all and admittedly I mostly write about all that’s wonderful, who wants to read anything else? So you might want to stop reading now because sorry, I’m about to defer from that norm! I hinted in my last post that renovating our house has had its trials.

…Continue reading here for Caroline’s story. You need courage and determination to undertake a construction project in an old house anywhere. However, in rural Provence there are challenges with language, delivery schedules, tiny streets and any host of other things you have not thought of yet. But, then again Lourmarin is beautiful and it will all turn out fine in the end.

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Caroline Longstaffe

Caroline Longstaffe

A traveller at heart, Caroline says she was most probably born under a wandering star. This English girl lives in California, but has a soft spot for France. After living in Provence for 18 months, she admits that she is now torn between the towns of Uzes and Lourmarin - she cannot decide which is her favourite. During her stay in Provence, Caroline launched her blog Shutters and Sunflowers. Her blog is about passion, about living the journey not waiting to get to the destination.

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