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Flip-flop video one of “17 greatest life hacks” in The Telegraph

By Stephen Cronk The Telegraph starts its list of “The 17 greatest life hacks” with our video on how to open a bottle of wine with a flip-flop. #1 Use a shoe to open a wine bottle Read the full article from The Telegraph. Have you tried doing this? Feel …

Bieler rosé and Quail #WinesofProvence #VinsdeProvence @Susan_PWZ
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Provençal Pairings: Wine with Food

By Susan Manfull The battle began in a civilized fashion. The candles were lit; the table was set with a Provençal cloth. A large platter of Cailles aux Riz à la Provençale was set down in the center, and the guests were poured a glass of each vintage. Then, the …

Camargue Barbecue festival
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The Grill of It All: Camargue Barbecue Fest!

By Julie Mautner Yee-ha! The 3rd Annual Camargue Barbecue Fest is coming up June 27 and 28, 2015, all around the Town Hall in Saintes Marie de la Mer. Look for country dancing, cooking demos, a grilling academy, a competition, a mechanical bull and of course, tons of great ‘cue! …

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Château de Crémat, Chanel and Bellet’s Link to an Iconic Logo

By Chrissie You may be asking yourself what the Nice vineyards of Bellet and Chanel, the legendary perfume house, could possibly have in common? More, it would seem, than we think! After all, there is a certain parallel between the art of blending a fine perfume and the art of …

Brasserie in Apt #Apt #TasteProvence @ProvenceTayls
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Cheese lunch + wine tasting = much happiness

Contributor blog post by David Taylor A significant number of the grapes grown locally are taken to Sylla, the local wine co operative in Apt, producing vin de pays de Vaucluse and vin de pays d’Apt wines. Formally these were known as either a cote de Ventoux or Luberon depending …

Pissaladière Tart Provence Recipes Cooking Classes @ProvenceCook
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Provencal Savoury Classic Pissaladière Tart

This is no ordinary onion tart a pissaladière is almost an art form in Provence the key is in the dough and slow cooking the onions to just the right texture. The Provence Gourmet shares his recipe for a classic street food from Nice. If you are interested in cooking …

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Breakthrough Moments interview with Guardian Small Business Network

By Stephen Cronk “Stephen Cronk reveals how a YouTube video demonstrating how to open a bottle of wine without a corkscrew helped his family business go viral.” Read the “Breakthrough Moments” interview on Guardian Small Business Network written by Lottie O’Conor on 22 May 2015. Can you tell us a …

Auberge des carrières #LesTaillades @Provencetayls
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Auberge des Carrières Great Food Discoveries in Provence

By David Taylor We were recommended to a restaurant, ‘Auberge des Carrières‘ in the small village of Les Taillades, 4 kilometres to the east of Cavaillon. But before diving in for lunch we thought we should check out the tiny ancient village, once renowned for its stone quarrying. The outskirts …

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Spring collection 2015: The best rosé wines of the season

By Stephen Cronk Jamie Goode includes Mirabeau Classic in his top tips for the best selection of rosé wines under the sun – see the Sunday Express article. Stylishly packaged, this is a bright pink wine that has fresh, tangy cherry fruit with some raspberry freshness. It’s a really pure …

French Yoghurt Cake Recipe @Aixcentric
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Child’s Play – French Yoghurt Cake

By aixcentric Petit-fils Aixcentric regularly cooks at his maternelle. What a great idea to get them mastering simple recipes so early. Four-year olds can go wild with the icing and sugar sprinkles! His yoghurt cake was delicious and using the empty yoghurt pot as a measure made it so very …