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The 5 Best Films Set in Provence

Have you ever felt that need to travel to a place with fantastic views, rather than have to suffocate in a city environment any longer? Then look to Provence! And what better way to get in the mood for a trip to Provence than through movies! Yes, Provence is not only the setting of these movies but also the star of said movies.

Here are our five (5) favourite films set in Provence to whet your appetite.

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Marius Et Jeannette (1997)

Starring Ariane Ascaride (the film director’s wife) as Jeannette, this film follows a single mother struggling to live in a tough working-class community in L’Estaque, on the edge of Marseille. With her meagre salary from her supermarket job barely getting her by, she then turns to stealing paint from a cement works, where she later meets Marius (a down-on-his-luck security guard), and they eventually create a partnership to help each other out. A charming, bittersweet film, the movie’s locations are well-known in the French public, where guided tours are held.

A Good Year (2006)

Starring Russell Crowe and Marion Cotillard, this comedy is loosely based on the novel by Peter Mayle and filmed at a Luberon winery recommended in this book. When a British modern broker is called to revisit his uncle’s estate and vineyard in the countryside, he learns to enjoy life rather than let it pass by. With a picturesque landscape and a small town that’s glowing with exquisite tourism, A Good Year will make you want to book your next travel destination!

Jean De Florette (1986)

Are you looking for the “simple French country life” in a good film? Then check out Jean de Florette, based on the book by French writer Marcel Pagnol.

Starring Gerard Dépardieu, Daniel Auteuil and Yves Montand, this movie – set right after the First World War – follows a hunchback and his uncle’s trying desperately to gain access to a little-known spring for irrigating their carnations, but a tax-collector not only inherits the farm but also has his own plans for the land.

With Mirabeau as the village setting, Jean de Florette’s house is located in Vaugines, while the market scenes were filmed at Sommières in the Gard. All of this is thanks to the film studio’s large budget and a great taste for location and travel.

Taxi (1998)

While Provence can be artful, deep, and earnest in its atmosphere, it can also be an excellent setting for a heart-pumping thriller! Enter Taxi, a 1998 adrenaline-inducing thriller similar to Ronin. Like Ronin, Taxi features world-renowned ex-Formula driver Jean-Pierre Jarier as the movie’s stunt wheelman for many of the film’s action scenes. And, Jarier is also the film’s “go-to guy” for overseeing those action scenes and how they can be mixed in with the essence and artful appearance of Provence.

And God Created Woman (Et Dieu Créa La Femme) (1956)

With Brigitte Bardot rising to international stardom with this film, as well as its visual and story-set appreciation for Provence, And God Created Woman (translated in French as “Et Dieu Crèa la Femme”) is a perfectly-spun yarn of a floaty ingénue beguiling men from all generations in St-Tropez. While the movie’s plot is interesting, no viewer can forget the gorgeous setting and fleshy star that appear to stand out way better than the plot.

Yes, if you’re looking to enjoy the charms of the French Riviera without having to fend the hordes that will flock to its small fishing villages, then this film is the ticket! As a result of this film, Bardot had decided to move there, thus putting Provence on the map for anyone interested in travelling to somewhere peaceful and picturesque. More celebrities would soon follow this route, thus making Provence the desired getaway for many people.


As you can see, with these 5 films, Provence holds a firm place in cinematic history. In fact, the French have always loved cinema, and many villages benefit from being featured in so many films because of that love. And with that, we picked out the best films to see that showcase this beautiful paradise that can take you away from the everyday hustle and bustle of modernity.

So, we hope you enjoyed this list of films that will take you on a journey through Provence! Happy viewing!

Author’s Bio:

Katherine Rundell is a long-time writer and editor at Custom Writing Services. She is also a freelance writer for various sites and publications. As a professional writer and blogger, her expertise is writing book reviews and proofreading. In her spare time, she likes to watch travel movies and critique them on her blog.

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