Dinner #Goult @ProvenceTayls
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Another Enjoyable Dinner in Goult

Contributor blog post by David Taylor: Le Carillon in Goult, opposite the church is a friendly, smart restaurant with an a la carte menu or fixed price at 36€ or 48€ which covers three courses and an amuse bouche . There is a good wine list from the local area …

10 things about Provence @Unxplorer
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10 Things I Miss About Provence

Contributor blog post by Susan Payton @ the Unexplorer: One year ago, I was sipping rosé in Pignans. It still feels unbelievable. Here’s what I’m missing about my time in Provence. 1. The Food. Everything tastes better in France. Or maybe just anywhere but the US. The bread, the butter, …

Restaurant in Monaco @Aixcentric
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Tennis Star Opens Restaurant in Monaco

Contributor blog post by Aixcentric: World No.1 tennis player Novak Djokovic and his wife Jelena launched a restaurant, ‘Eqvita’, in Monaco last week. And in what must surely be a first for the Principality, it’s vegan. “My wife and I transferred our passion for healthy food into a restaurant concept …

Bec au Vin #Uzes @ShutrsSunflowrs
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Restaurants and dining in Uzès

Contributor blog post by Caroline Longstaffe: Dining under the golden arches in Place aux Herbes, shaded by the broad sycamore branches in the square. Enjoying ‘feu de bois’ pizzas on a cobbled streets or a pretty terrace. Savouring French cuisine at its best in an elegant dining room or exquisite garden; just a …

Lyon road trip @CuriousProvence
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Impressions, Facts and Things to do in Lyon (other than eat)

Contributor blog post by Ashley Tinker: So we’re currently lying on the couch holding our bellies after we have been testing their limits all weekend in France’s gastronomic capital. Lyon is a city full of surprises and delicious specialties. I wasn’t expecting the buildings to be so colourful. As it’s …

Spring meal wine and food pairings @JillBarth
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Spring Meal Pairings for Southern Rhône Wines

Contributor blog post by Jill Barth: On the second Saturday of each month, a group of bloggers who are passionate about the way good wine enhances a meal come together to blog about a wine pairing they have done. Each month has a different Wine Pairing Weekend theme to focus …

Fennel growing in Provence @CuriousProvence
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The Freshest Veggies Near You

Contributor blog post by Ashley Tinker: Fennel bulbs are in season and looking good! I must admit, and you’ve probably noticed, that I am obsessed with markets. Despite generally scheduling my entire week around whichever market I would like to visit, I sometimes just can’t get to the market I …

Pastry shop @bfblogger2015
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The #1 Insult to the French Palate

Contributor blog post by Deborah Bine: Sugar. Who would think that the French, with all their pastry and chocolate shops, would be offended by sugar? I learned it the hard way. After two years living in the south of France, I’ve discovered that the French have an aversion to overly …

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Food Styling + Photo Workshop in Provence

Contributor blog post by Julie Mautner:  Are you still looking for that special present for the foodie in your life?  Julie has the answer: Denise Vivaldo and Cindie Flannigan, authors of the The Food Stylist’s Handbook, have joined forces with food photographer Christina Peters, food stylist Tasha Powell and chef Saša Asanović to present a workshop on …

Present Tree #Christmas #Provence @CuriousProvence
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Christmas Markets and December Events in Provence

Contributor blog post by Ashley Tinker: December is upon us! I haven’t even begun my Christmas shopping. Oh my… The Christmas markets have already started here in Provence but now it’s getting serious. Stacks of foie gras and artian chocolates are piled high in the grocery stores, the smell of …