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Squeaky Clean Savon de Marseille

Contributor blog post by Nutmeg:

A mixture of seawater, alkaline solution and fat

Documented use as far back as 2800 BC in Ancient Babylon

A carved “recipe” found on a stone slab from 2200 BC

The Egyptians, Greeks and Romans all used it

Cooked for 8 days in a cauldron, dried for 2 days in a mould

Latin word Sapo

…Continue reading here for the history of Savon de Marseille in Provence. Find out how the soap making industry grew into a large employer and exporter. At one time, there were as many as 132 manufacturers of the traditional soap, now there are only four (4) remaining. How can you tell the real Savon de Marseille from the fake stuff? There is a five-step process, which must be followed for this soap to be called Savon de Marseille.

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Carolyne Kauser-Abbott

Carolyne Kauser-Abbott

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