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Aix en Provence Walking Tour Discovery Beyond the Ordinary

Frédéric Paul is the founder of Le Visible est Invisible, a company that offers guided tours in Aix en Provence and the region. What he hopes to demonstrate to clients during the walking tours is that the history of Provence is in your face, but you need to be ready to see it – Discovering Invisible Aix-en-Provence.

Roman column #AixenProvence @PerfProvence

Last summer, I joined the Dans Les Rues D’Aquae Sextiae – Aix Antique tour of the Roman traces in Aix en Provence. Believe me; you will wonder where the two hours went as Frédéric points out Roman columns in the oddest places, the remains of ancient roads, baths, temples and more. Frédéric Paul admits that he is incessantly curious. His inquisitive nature drives him to do the research, and it is these discoveries which formulate his guided walks.

Mosaic remains in the cathedral #AixenProvence @PerfProvence

As a last minute entry on a Wednesday morning in July, I was lucky there was still room in the Aix Off The Beaten Track tour. Now, I consider myself rather well versed in Aix en Provence history and even know my fair share of useless facts. However, we had barely left the tourism office when Frédéric pointed out something on La Rotonde (fountain) that was “news” to me. The walk meanders its way through the outskirts of the ancient town, while you learn about how the plague impacted the city, a lovers’ folly, street art, 1920s marketing, and modern parking lots.

Hot water source #AixenProvence @PerfProvence Modern #AixenProvence @PerfProvence Grand Theatre de Provence #AixenProvence @PerfProvence

We had a chance to talk about his business over lunch. He is thrilled as the number of tours has more than doubled in a year. Silly me, I assumed that demand drops off at the end of October, he says no, in fact, January 2016 was his busiest month ever. Frédéric tells me that the walks are now so popular that he plans to bring on an associate and expand the number of available tours.

N7 sign Aix en Provence @PerfProvence Pavillon Noir Ballet School #AixenProvence @PerfProvence Place des Cardeurs #AixenProvence @PerfProvence Old advertising #AixenProvence @PerfProvence

Book your Le Visible est Invisible tour you won’t regret a single moment.

Contact details:

Le Visible est Invisible
Tel: +33 (0)6 29 67 62 81
Facebook: Le Visible est Invisible

  • For convenience, all of the tours in Aix en Provence start (and end) at the tourism office.
  • Tours are also available in Marseille, Toulon and la Ciotat.
  • Tours in English, French and Italian
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