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The Book of Rosé about Château d’Esclans Vineyard and its Famous Wines

The Book of Rosé: The Provençal Vineyard That Revolutionized Rosé
By Whispering Angel and Château D’Esclans.
Published by Rizzoli International Publications in April 2024.

Wrapped in dusty pink, the book promised a visual feast almost as appealing as a chilled glass of Whispering Angel from the wine estate. The Book of Rosé, a stunning coffee table book, is a treasure trove for wine lovers. Martin Bruno’s photography showcases Sacha Lichine’s vision and the vineyard at the heart of the popular light pink rosé. This is not just a book. It’s a journey into the creation of a brand and the transformation of consumer tastes.

Book of Rosé Château d’Esclans

Elegantly pale, fresh, and marvelously fruit-forward, Whispering Angel inspired a rosé renaissance. © AURA Group

Review of The Book of Rosé

The Book of Rosé includes beautiful images from the Château d’Esclans estate and scenery from the nearby Var. It helps you understand the history of wine production in the South of France. In the area we now consider Provence, the Phocaeans, followed by the Romans, planted vines and began crushing grapes long ago. Despite a long 2,500+ year timeline of grape growing in the region, only in the last two decades has the wine industry in Provence garnered international praise.


The vibrant, early green of the vines in their six-month maturation cycle. © Martin Bruno

Diving into the chapters of The Book of Rosé, you discover Sacha Lichine’s inspiring journey as the founder and visionary behind Château d’Esclans. Baptized into the world of wine by his father, Alexis Lichine, a revered figure in the industry, Sacha Lichine’s understanding of the wine industry was nurtured from a young age. His story is a testament to the power of passion and perseverance in facing challenges.

The chapter “Waking a Sleeping Beauty” vividly portrays the transformation of the Château d’Esclans property. In 1994, Sacha Lichine first focused on the dilapidated estate, which wasn’t up for sale then. The property became available in 2006. Sacha Lichine, recognizing its potential, embarked on a restoration journey. Convinced of the terroir’s suitability for grape growing, he set out to “Upend the maligned reputation of rosé by producing the best and most rarified wine of its kind in the world.”

Book of Rosé Château d’Esclans

Wintry Provençal glow at Château d’Esclans © Martin Bruno

Every success story culminates with luck, quality ingredients, and the right team. The “Bringing Rosé to Life” chapter narrates Sacha Lichine’s decision to engage Patrick Léon, a highly regarded Bordeaux winemaker. Having worked with Alexis Lichine and as the technical director at Baron Philippe de Rothschild, Léon was a valuable addition. They crafted a range of wines that defied a snobbish disregard for rosé, aiming to create wines that were a pleasure to drink.

“Of course, everyone thought I was crazy. It was an enormous risk. But where there are no risks, there are no rewards.” ~ Sacha Lichine

Spring time at the Esclans estate in Provence.

Springtime at the Esclans estate in Provence. © Martin Bruno

This chapter highlights the unique aspects of the terroir at Château d’Escalans and the estate’s spare-no-expense approach to wine-making. Today, cellar master Jean-Claude Neu and technical director Bertrand Léon (son of Patrick) follow the exacting standards for winemaking while leveraging technology improvements.

Whispering Angel, the estate’s flagship cuvée, is sold globally and may be among the most recognizable rosés. Discover the estate’s production in “The Wines.” This chapter describes the production process for the three premium wines, including Garrus, a luxurious Côte de Provence blend.

Whispering Angel Château d’Esclans

Throughout the harvest, a team manually sorts the grapes picked that morning, plucking out
unwanted objects, such as leaves and twigs. © Martin Bruno

The Man and the Brand

Born in Margaux near Bordeaux in 1960, Sacha Lichine spent his early years in the United States. Despite his father’s notoriety in the industry, his death in 1989 unveiled the mounting debt load associated with operating Château Lascombes and Château Pieuré-Lichine. Sacha Lichine inherited a financial mess and needed to navigate a suitable path. Building on work experience and knowledge of estate operations, he ran Château Pieuré-Lichine until its sale in 1999.

Book of Rosé Château d’Esclans

Sacha Lichine, the rosé pioneer of Provence. © Martin Bruno

Almost two decades have passed since Sacha Lichine purchased Château d’Esclans. In that timeframe, the rosé wine industry has achieved incredible commercial success. While there are hundreds of winemakers in Provence making excellent wine, perhaps none has achieved the same brand recognition as the producer of Whispering Angel. After reading “Getting it off the Ground,” you appreciate the fortitude required to create a quality product and brand recognition.

The Book of Rosé: The Provençal Vineyard That Revolutionized Rosé By Whispering Angel and Château D'Esclans

Who Should Buy this Book?

The Book of Rosé is beautiful. It is an excellent gift for wine lovers who want to add to their collection and knowledge base. After thumbing through the photo spreads, anyone who has dreamed of visiting Provence will want to book a plane ticket.

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