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The Best Provencal Market is in Uzès

A man with hairy ears selling goat cheese, a nun blessing us with her wine!  Smiling locals selling linens, ribbons, baskets, and flowers,  cheese makers, olive growers, and an abundance of fresh produce. How can you not visit Uzès’ fabulous twice-weekly markets, the most vibrant in Provence!

Every Wednesday and Saturday, in the central square of Uzès, Place-aux-Herbes, ringed by its golden stone arches, colourful shuttered buildings and cheerfully chuckling fountain, plays host to fabulous marchés. Continue reading here for further details on market day in Uzès.

Why Visit Uzès

Uzès has a permanent population of 8,000+ with at least double that many bodies during the height of tourist season. High walls surround the remains of the medieval town these were erected to shelter inhabitants from invaders. Although the ramparts no longer serve as protection, the stone fortifications provide a slight buffer from the noise of snarled traffic on the ring road.

Inside and outside the walls of Uzès there are secrets to be told and many that remain to be discovered.

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Caroline Longstaffe

Caroline Longstaffe

A traveller at heart, Caroline says she was most probably born under a wandering star. This English girl lives in California, but has a soft spot for France. After living in Provence for 18 months, she admits that she is now torn between the towns of Uzes and Lourmarin - she cannot decide which is her favourite. During her stay in Provence, Caroline launched her blog Shutters and Sunflowers. Her blog is about passion, about living the journey not waiting to get to the destination.

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