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The Auto Trip Through Provence

Just imagine the sensation of enjoying a leisurely holiday in the French countryside. Serpent roads, the scent of lavender, small villages with colourful markets of local products, driving your car with nowhere to rush.

We have prepared a small program of road trips in Provence for you; we have not included all of the best, but we have tried to make your trip as enjoyable as possible.

Get yourself a car

To travel in Provence, it is worth renting a car. Relying on public transport means you will deliberately skip visiting some exciting places where the region’s bus network is not very well developed.

Going on a car trip, many of us wonder: how to choose a rental service and where is the best place to rent a car. Many articles have been written on such topics, but we will try to summarize them briefly: Google for local rental services in advance. They occasionally offer special deals that allow you to save up to 50% off the rental price. Sometimes even renting a supercar can be as cheap as car rentals in a country with an oversaturated rental market. For example, it is possible to rent a Bentley for a Bentley car price in UAE.


Holidays in the French countryside are almost always associated with the Mediterranean coast, white yachts, and a glass of wine.

That’s why we chose Marseille as the starting point of our journey. Marseille is one of the most colourful French cities, an ancient port city, one of the oldest in Europe, which the ancient Greeks founded long ago. Here the air is pleasantly cool. The blue sea splashes around, and the cuisine and wine result from love and labour for this beautiful land.

No wonder Marseille is the birthplace of the famous bouillabaisse soup. It is a must-try when visiting Marseille. The preparation of this soup is almost waste-free; the remaining parts of the fish are used to make a poupeton soufflé, which you should also include in your order. And if you want to taste the gifts of the real Mediterranean Sea? Order a dish made of sea urchins caught right near Marseille.


Our next stop is in 40 minutes by car – The former capital of Provence and today one of the region’s famous art cities. The old, narrow streets and elegant mansions are enchanting, but the atmosphere is surprisingly fresh and young, thanks to the city’s s social scene and the many art festivals that take place here.

This city has played an essential part in the life of many famous artists. For example, the Montagne Saint Victoire greatly inspired Paul Cézanne’s paintings. As you walk around the city, look for the brass emblems with the letter “C” on the pavement, which mark the points associated with the famous artist’s life and work.

Lavender Fields

Usually, lavender blooms in Provence from mid-June to mid-August, but the best time to visit is from the last week of June to the end of July. Many festivals (Lavender fête) and parades are dedicated to lavender during this time.

But we suggest you go to Pays de Valensole. To do so, you have to go to Castellane, then drive 45 kilometres to the west, see the famous Verdon Gorge, and get to the village of Moustiers-Sainte-Marie, which is one of the most beautiful in France. It is even popular to celebrate weddings. From there, there is a road that leads you to the fields. Afterward, we recommend a trip to Abbaye de Senanque, which has existed since 1148. Nowadays, ten monks live here and are engaged in farming – growing plants, producing oil, and making unique lavender honey, which is an absolute pleasure to try.

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