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Can UK Drivers Still Drive in the EU Using Their UK License?

One of the most common questions that Brits travelling to the EU have is whether or not they can drive there on their UK licence. Fortunately, despite Brexit, the answer is nice and simple. Do I Need a Separate Licence to Drive in Europe? In short, no, you don’t. You …

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Driving in France Tips for French Roads

French Lessons welcomes Rachael for the second year running as our annual guest contributor. Last summer, she explained how she dealt with her impounded car at the local fourrière (pound). This year her automotive theme continues, as does her – ahem – fast wit. A few months ago, I was …

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How to Survive the French Car Pound

Contributor blog post by Jemma: French Lessons welcomes 2017’s guest contributor: Rachael, our friend and dinner party guest whose evening ended badly. She’d only bid us ‘bonsoir’ when she promptly returned to Bellevue’s gate. A call to the police confirmed that yes, indeed, her car had been towed to Antibes’ pound. …

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Brits Hiring Cars in France

By aixcentric Thanks to Claire (@clairewords) for alerting Aixcentric to the new rules governing car-hire. It seems that, from today, we Brits no longer need to carry the paper part of the driving licence which records offences and endorsements; all that information is going online instead. Holidaymakers who hire cars …