Duck skewers @TashaPowell
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Harvest in Provence a Recipe with Duck and Figs

This fig and shallot compote is perfect complement for seared duck breast or seared duck tenders.

Figues Sauvage Wild Figs
Ashley TinkerTaste

Figues Sauvage Wild Figs

Contributor blog post by Ashley Tinker: Now is the time to pick wild figs in Provence. White and violet figs alike are ripe on the wild ‘figuier’ trees that grow anywhere close to water sources here in Provence. I’m always amazed how these resistant (almost invasive) trees can root themselves …

horse in a flat-cap @vauclusedreamer
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A Fig Festival and a horse in a flat-cap

Contributor blog post by Vaucluse Dreamer: I can’t help it – I’m a sucker for a local Festival in France – so you can imagine I was delighted when, on a planned bike ride last week, we arrived in Saint Didier and noticed a sign for the Fig Festival taking …

Black figs and Grapes Noire de Caromb Fresh Figs Dessert @hildast
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Falling in Love with Fresh Figs for Dessert

“Would you like some figs for dessert?” I was asked following a lovely meal one summer’s evening in Caromb. For someone who had only ever eaten figs in yoghurt this was an opportunity not to be missed! My fellow diners rose from the table and headed outside. This intrigued me …