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The Provence Rosé Research Center Helps the Global Wine Industry

Contributor blog post by Jill Barth:

Provençal rosé—and rosé in general—has been riding a popularity wave in recent years. While there are instances of trendy lifestyle marketing involved, many rosés are wines of quality, made by winemakers of skill and terroir of distinction. Behind them lies a secret weapon, hidden in an unassuming coral-colored building with green shutters: The Center for Rosé Research.

The Center for Rosé Research (Centre de Recherche et d’Expérimentation sur le Vin Rosé) is located in the small commune of Vidauban, situated in Provence in southeast France.

…Continue reading here for the original article (published in Forbes) about this rosé research centre. Established in 1999, the Centre du Rosé brings together professionals (wine growers, oenologists, cooperatives, associations) to establish programs, perform research and provide educational materials. One example is this excellent graphic of how rosé is made:

How Rosé is made Graphic Provence Rosé Research Centre

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Jill Barth

Jill Barth

Jill is a writer whose characters make wine, love wine, and live wine. Research for her forthcoming novel–the story of a Provençal winemaking family during the Second World War–has afforded her glorious pleasures: meetings with ambitious French vignerons, travel up and down France in bouncy Renaults, overnights in shuttered châteaux, and many hours as a student of wine with a glass to her lips. In this role, she not only enjoys her own relationship with wine but she also indulges in the life of the French winemaking family that inhabits the pages of her novel.

Jill writes about wine, travel and occasionally yoga (she’s a certified yoga instructor). Her fiction has been featured on NPR and has been published in several literary journals.

Her writings can also be found on her blog L’Occasion.

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