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L’AUGUSTE Provence Beautiful Accessories from Watercolours

At L’AUGUSTE Provence, showcasing the Provencal countryside always starts with an image. Finding endless inspiration in Provence’s landscapes, local traditions, and exceptional French craftsmanship, the three founders (Laure, Stéphanie, and Caroline) launched L’AUGUSTE Provence in 2021. These friends combined their expertise to turn Laure’s watercolour paintings into attractive, practical accessories.

L'AUGUSTE Provence - Watercolour design

What’s in a Name?

More than a brand name, L’AUGUSTE Provence honours family memories. Auguste was Stéphanie’s grandfather. He learned the art of basketry at a young age. He produced many handwoven baskets during his lifetime. Stéphanie describes her grandfather as straightforward, honest, and one who loved the region. In addition, the French word auguste means majestic and noble, which suits a lifestyle brand offering superior products highlighting the best of Provence.

L'Auguste Provence

Brand Inspiration

L’AUGUSTE Provence products combine luxury materials and elegant designs with skilled craftsmanship. The company’s expertly handcrafted accessories are made in Provence and showcase the region with contemporary watercolour designs.

L'AUGUSTE Provence - Watercolour design

Often an idea needs to percolate until the timing is right. In the case of L’AUGUSTE Provence, the pieces fell into place once Stéphanie began taking painting classes from Laure. The artistic encounter reignited Stéphanie’s vision for a company that promotes the Provencal lifestyle with high-end products. The venture required partners with complementary creative and business skills. So, it was logical that Stéphanie’s long-time friend Caroline, a talented seamstress with a passion for authentic products, would help the team. The ladies launched the brand by combining their skills, a united vision, and a desire to showcase creativity.

L'AUGUSTE Provence - Sachet de lavande et coffret Cabanon

L’AUGUSTE Provence produces a range of chic accessories in several sizes. The line includes stylish tote bags for shopping and pouches for storing makeup and essentials. Make travel more enjoyable with a kit consisting of a beauty bag, a lavender sachet and a silk eye mask. In addition, they fabricate beautiful lavender-filled cushions designed for home décor and relaxation.

L'AUGUSTE Provence Tote Bag

A Lavender Heart

Organic lavender is at the core of L’AUGUSTE Provence and is associated with the region’s outstanding beauty and long-standing traditions. The company’s signature product is a sachet filled with organic lavender from the fields of Provence in a matching gift box in an exclusive watercolour design.

L'AUGUSTE Provence Lavender Sachet

Today, images of lavender fields formulate many people’s mental picture of Provence. However, lavender cultivation is not new to the region. For centuries agriculture has defined the local way of life. The lavender plant is considered a holy herb called nard and is referenced in the Bible. The word lavender comes from the Latin verb lavare (to wash). Greeks and Romans used lavender for personal hygiene, using the flowers to scent bath water and medicinal purposes.

L'AUGUSTE Provence Lavender Sachet

Lavender farming is commercialized today, but the industry remains at the heart of Provence. L’AUGUSTE Provence sources lavender for their products from organic producers in the Drôme. The company founders are strong proponents of the benefits of lavender. Laure even uses lavender in some of her oil paints.

“Lavender is at the heart of our brand, which was born in Provence. Especially since the very first product we developed, the one that gave birth to our brand, was the little lavender sachet with its matching box.”

L’AUGUSTE Provence accessories with exclusive watercolour designs are practical and combine lavender for health benefits. Order lavender sachets for pleasantly scented clothes and keep the bugs away. Discover the relaxation cushions with striking watercolour designs filled with organic Provencal lavender.

L'AUGUSTE Provence Cushion

Work or life stress? Are you tired? Do you have trouble sleeping? The wellness pillows (photo above) are designed for stress reduction, and relieving muscle pain such as the lower back.

Creating Beautiful Accessories

The partners collaborate throughout the process, from design to accessory production and sales. While they discuss how imagery and colourways work on specific products, the creative process starts with Laure’s colour illustration. Once finished, Laure’s watercolours are printed on fabric and handmade into accessories.

L'AUGUSTE Provence Beautiful Accessories

“L’AUGUSTE Provence is a French brand that brings together skilled artistic know-how and craftsmanship. Our painting and sewing atelier is located in Provence. We create exclusive watercolors inspired by this region and then make unique accessory collections – 100% made in France – from lavender sachets, wellness cushions, to tote bags, and pouches for a luxurious immersion in Provence.”

L'AUGUSTE Provence Beautiful Accessories

How to Order

Browse the current selection of L’AUGUSTE Provence products: clutches, tote bags, beauty kits, lavender sachets, eye masks, and cushion covers.

L’AUGUSTE Provence creates medium-sized series with plans for limited editions in the future. In addition, they provide tailor-made services for customers (weddings, special events) looking for designs from the current collection.

SHOP: L’AUGUSTE Provence Online Boutique

Customer Service:
Telephone: +33 (0)4 28 77 08 39
Shipping to international addresses, the shopping cart reflects purchases and postal charges in your local currency. However, local customs fees and taxes may apply.

L’AUGUSTE Provence has created a 20% discount code for orders placed before April 30, 2022. Use code PERFECTLYPROVENCE at checkout to receive the discount.

L'AUGUSTE Provence Travel Kit

Image credits: All photos were provided by and published with the permission of L’AUGUSTE Provence.

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