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For Women Over 50 in Provence

Contributor blog post by Aixcentric: Serengo is a new magazine being promoted in the Aix news kiosks for women over 50…and here’s the cover. I was rather amazed that the strapline to attract readers is Osteo-arthritis – 8 ways to calm the pain. Oh dear. By coincidence, after seeing this …

Baby Grape @RivieraGrape
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Welcoming Baby Grape

I’ve been a bit quiet recently, for good reason! One month ago today, we welcomed our baby girl Charlotte (aka Lottie) into the world. What a wonderful, scary, exciting, emotional four weeks it has been and this little princess already has her doting parents wrapped around her (teeny) fingers. We …

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It Takes A Village to Raise This Expat

Some of you remember PigPen in the Charlie Brown cartoons who always had a cloud of dust following him. Well, the Barefoot Blogger has a little cloud that has “trouble” written on it that seems to hang over me. My friend, Geoffrey, used to be the one who always came …

Buyer’s Agent Luberon Village Provence @ProvenceSearch
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Provence Property: Why Hire a Buyer’s Agent?

Most foreign house hunters do not realize that they can hire a buyer’s agent in France. They only ever encounter real estate (listing) agencies, either online or on the ground. French estate agents are hired by vendors to find a buyer and get the highest possible price. Vendors usually list …

Rebecca Ronane
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Rebecca Ronane Coaching Women in Provence

Rebecca Ronane has looked “reinvention” in the face more than once in her lifetime. She has had to refocus her career goals several times; from a one-time dream of acting Rebecca became a travel tour director and an English as a foreign language teacher. Now, Rebecca is helping women redeploy …

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France Bound At Last! Returning the Economy Way

After six months away from my home in France, I’m on the way back to Uzes! I’ve had a wonderful time in the U.S. with family and friends; and now it is time to continue my life-changing adventure in the south of France. My dear friend, Geoffrey, is picking me …

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Why Did You Move to France

It’s time to answer a most-frequently-asked question: “Why did you move to France?” “Because I could” That might sound like a smug answer, and I don’t mean it to be taken that way. Yet it’s true. I’m healthy, my children are in good places Explore this Post

Massage Aromatherapy Home Provence Flairesse Massage Provence #Massage @Flairesse
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A Journey from Hobbiton to Provence

A gal who calls herself a ‘citizen of planet earth’ and who loves Crêpes Cidre et Co in Aix-en-Provence as much as I do! This was someone I had to get to know. Claire McAlpine has lived in France for almost 10-years, but it took her French husband five years …

Anne-Marie Simons Aix-en-Provence Market
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Formula One Race Cars to Provence Today

It was hardly a race back to Europe. Anne-Marie Simons moved to the United States (US) in the fall of 1966, for one year. And, stayed for 32 more. From her birthplace of Maastricht (the Netherlands), Anne-Marie’s studies in French language and culture took her to Paris and then to …

Hilda Stearn French Car #French #Provence #Car
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The long road well travelled

Hilda Stearn entertains us with her story about how a made-in-Italy, Spanish-registered car from London meets Provence’s paperasse.