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Allergic to Provence? A Trip to the French Pharmacy

Please no! Anything but that. Upon visiting Provence this past June, with the unusually high temperatures of 95-100 degrees, my pasty white, sun-deprived skin went into shock. I developed hives or eczema all over! What to do?

I finally stopped in at the pharmacy in Bonnieux—the French pharmacy is the know-all cure-all—and was told, “You need to stay out of the sun!”

Original article by Cheryl of Cobblestones and Vineyards. Is Cheryl really allergic to Provence? Let’s hope not!

The French pharmacy is definitely a valuable resource. Whether your ailment is an allergy or a headache or you want someone to take a look at the wild mushrooms you picked, the well-trained staff are willing to help. At a pharmacy in France, you can also expect to find many beauty and skin products that you will not find in North America. Your girlfriends might beg you to bring a few lotions and potions home in your suitcase. A green cross indicates a pharmacy location in France.

French Pharmacy Resources

Search for a nearby pharmacy (by city or postal code) or look for an open pharmacy (weekends or after-hours) at Mon Pharmacie.

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Cheryl Shufflebotham

Cheryl Shufflebotham

Although, Cheryl and her husband live in upstate New York, she tells us that she is always yearning, planning, maneuvering to make her way back to France.

Cheryl's love for France started almost eleven years ago with "a once in a lifetime" ten-year anniversary trip. These wannabe expats have been back every year since that trip!

Cheryl's first French love is the region of Burgundy, but then a few years ago, she discovered Provence. Now she admits that she is torn between Burgundy and Provence. It sounds like Provence has her spellbound, "I can’t quite put a finger on what it is about Provence, but its intoxication keeps luring me back for more."

Cheryl started her blog Cobblestone and Vineyards to explore the simple charms of France, those small details that capture the heart.

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