Olives in Provence #TastesofProvence @TableenProvence
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My Provençal Garden

It always happens less than one week after being back in Canada. Less than one week (sometimes less than one day) and I am dreaming about being back in Provence. Generally it’s because I go from summer to autumn/winter in a matter of moments. It’s always cold and dreary and …

Dentelles sunset @TableenProvence
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End of the Road in Provence

Contributor blog post by Paula Kane: This time of year is always challenging for me. I am never too welcoming of the end of summer on any given year. And I am never ready to leave Provence or France. It comes so quickly each year, and I literally feel as …

Rhone Valley Vineyards near Vacqueyras @TableenProvence
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Provence is Perfect for the Crazy Weather Lady

Contributor blog post by Paula Kane: Photo of autumn vines in the Ventoux region. People always ask why I leave Calgary for the summer. Why on earth would you want to leave when the weather is so nice? The short answer, I leave to get an actual summer. A real …

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The Provence Rulebook

Contributor blog post by Paula Kane: One thing you can count on if you live in Provence is visitors. It’s a given. Everyone wants to come here and they all want to stay with you. This is a mixed blessing; it’s wonderful to have your friends and love ones around …

Cocktail time Apero in Provence @tableenProvence
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Cinq à Sept, Apéro Time

Contributor blog post by Paula Kane: Photo of a pretty standard apéro around Chez Paula. Cinq à sept is a Quebecois term for cocktail hour. The term is not generally used in France, but I find it a delightful turn of phrase, which literally refers to the hours between five …

Pizza Provence Style @TableenProvence
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Pizza Provence-Style

Contributor blog post by Paula Kane: One of the things I am constantly searching for is good pizza. I know it seems odd, pizza and Provence don’t seem to go together, but you’d be mistaken. And likely pleasantly surprised. Since coming to Provence I have eaten a great many pizzas. …

Le Thanksgiving in Provence @TableenProvence
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Le Thanksgiving in Provence

Contributor blog post by Paula Kane: Thanksgiving here? Pretty sweet. This year I am in Provence for Thanksgiving. It is by far my favourite holiday of the year, no stress about gifts or excessive decorations. This is about the harvest, about great food and wine, friends and family. …Continue reading …

#Provence Parking Chez Paula @tableenprovence
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Hello again Provence

Contributor blog post by Paula Kane: I have arrived, I have my own parking! And breathe. Deep, beautiful, happy breaths. I am here in my soulful home and am feeling calm and peaceful. At long last. This year has been a strange one. I’ve been delinquent in any blogs over …

Blue Sky Biking #ExploreProvence @TableenProvence
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Blue Sky Biking in Provence

Contributor blog post by Paula Kane: Well, well. This is just unbelievable really. The sky has been bright blue, the temperatures between +32 and +36 and no wind. It’s been perfect for weeks, I almost can’t believe it. This past week has been silly busy with my brother-in-law visiting, Jason …

Lunch in Provence @TableenProvence
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Ladies Who Lunch in Provence

September is a spectacular month in Provence. Often it’s sunny and warm—without the scorching summer heat—with blue skies and nights that are cool and refreshing. The days are shorter and the leaves on the vines start to change. It’s also when most of my friends arrive back after avoiding the …