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Blue Sky Biking in Provence

Well, well. This is just unbelievable, really. The sky has been bright blue, the temperatures between +32 and +36 and no wind. It’s been perfect for weeks, I almost can’t believe it. This past week has been silly busy with my brother-in-law visiting, Jason arriving, my brother-in-law leaving, another friend …

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Lunch in Provence @TableenProvence
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Ladies Who Lunch in Provence

September is a spectacular month in Provence. Often it’s sunny and warm—without the scorching summer heat—with blue skies and nights that are cool and refreshing. The days are shorter and the leaves on the vines start to change. It’s also when most of my friends arrive back after avoiding the …

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Summertime in Provence #TastesofProvence #WinesofProvence @TableenProvence
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Summertime in Provence

Contributor blog post by Paula Kane: Blue skies and rosé – this is Provence. Wow. Just wow. This is what summer is supposed to be. ++30 and sun everyday. Isn’t it? At least it’s my idea of summer and I am finally getting it. My first week is always rather …

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Cycling in Provence #ExploreProvence @TableenProvence
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Allez! Allez! Provence en Vélo

Provence: just one word conjures visions of endless blue skies, charming villages and miles and miles of smooth roads to be ridden. One of the things I miss most when not in France is riding my bike. I know, I know… you’re thinking, what? Don’t you miss the food, the …

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Tomatoes Provence Market Produce @TableEnProvence
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The Provencal Farmer Knows Best

I was having a delicious dinner with a girlfriend when she reminded me of something I hadn’t thought about in ages. We met working at an advertising agency many, many years ago. I had just moved to Calgary from Toronto, it was August and I was desperately missing my end-of-summer …

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Eggs Provence Market Produce @TableEnProvence
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Provence: Where Are My Eggs?

Many years ago I met a charming couple from California while at the winery in Provence. They were staying on the property for a week and we hit it off immediately. I adore California wine country, and they love Provence so we had a great deal to talk about. One …

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